20 Percent Increase in Public Transport in Antalya! Here is the New Fee Schedule

Ask for a Percent Increase in Public Transport in Antalya New Fare Schedule
20 Percent Increase in Public Transport in Antalya! Here is the New Fee Schedule

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department UKOME Branch Directorate General Assembly of the Transportation Coordination Center Presidency (UKOME) convened today. At the meeting, which was attended by representatives from many institutions and organizations, the demand for a raise of transportation tradesmen was discussed. With the decision taken, an average of 20 percent increase was made in public transportation.

Thus, the non-discounted public transportation fee, which was 6 TL and 70 kuruş, increased to 8 TL. The retiree and teacher transportation fee, which is 5.70, was 7 TL, while the transfer fee was 3.40 TL, the student was 4 TL, and the transfer fee was 2.5 TL.

It has been learned that the new tariff will be put into practice with all districts as of tomorrow. Evaluating the decision taken, Yasin Arslan, President of Antalya Bus Companies Chamber of Craftsmen, said, “UKOME meeting is over. It will be signed. Approved to be implemented tomorrow. We demanded 10 TL. It was 8 TL. In the last 2 weeks, fuel has increased by 6 TL. 1.30 cents of this was reflected as a raise. We would like to thank our Metropolitan Mayor Muhittin Insect. We will continue to carry our citizens by pushing the conditions to the end. We will not harm them. We are currently providing transportation services to 450 thousand citizens with 250 vehicles in Antalya.

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