Akbaş Explained 2053 Vision of Railways to the Austrian Ambassador

Akbas Explained the Vision of the Railways to the Austrian Embassy
Akbaş Explained 2053 Vision of Railways to the Austrian Ambassador

Austrian Ambassador to Turkey Yonnes Wimmer and Commercial Attaché Christian Maier visited Turkish State Railways (TCDD) General Manager Metin Akbaş in his office. At the meeting held within the framework of the courtesy visit, Metin Akbaş informed Ambassador Yonnes Wimmer about the Turkish railway network and the projects. Making statements about Turkey's 2053 railway targets, TCDD General Manager Metin Akbaş stated that in order to adapt to the climate-related targets of the European Green Agreement and the Paris Agreement, it is necessary to reduce the carbon emissions of the transportation sector and that railway investments are planned considering this issue.

Ambassador Yonnes Wimmer emphasized that during the First World War, the cooperation between the two nations, including the railways between the Ottoman and Habsburg Empires, continues today in the same way and they hope that this cooperation will increase over time. Yonnes Wimmer stated that there are more than thirty Austrian companies currently operating in the railway industry in Turkey and noted that a workshop could be organized between the railway sector representatives of the two countries.

TCDD General Manager Metin Akbaş, who sent off the Austrian guests after the cordial visit, said that the cooperation to be made in the railways will have a positive reflection on the relations between the two countries.

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