A Word of Support from Turkey's Chemistry Pioneer, GEBKİM OSB!

A Word of Support from Turkey's Chemistry Pioneer GEBKIM OSB
A Word of Support from Turkey's Chemistry Pioneer, GEBKİM OSB!

The 6th GTU Graduate Studies Symposium, organized by the GEBZE Technical University Institute of Science and Technology, was held this year. Examining the theses and projects put forward by the students, GEBKİM OIZ Chairman of the Board Vefa İbrahim Araç stated that they can cooperate with many of these studies. "In order for such studies to be realized, universities should knock on the doors of industrialists at every opportunity and force them to cooperate," he said. he said.

A large number of professionals in the field attended the symposium, which was held for the 10th time this year under the Coordinatorship of the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences of Gebze Technical University, which is among the top 6 universities in Turkey. Speaking on the subject of "The Importance of Sectoral and Academic Cooperation to Strengthen R&D in the Chemical Industry" at the opening of the symposium where the industry and students came together, GEBKİM OIZ Chairman of the Board Vefa İbrahim Araç shared his experiences with the participants. In his statement, he said, “Institutes, which are the only places where science production and scientific accumulation can be put forward as a value, are of great importance for our young people to enter business life fully equipped. We proudly follow the role of our institutes, which are the home of R&D studies, in increasing the scientific and technological capacity of our country and in the realization of national and international projects.” used the phrases.

Stating that institutes are in a vital position for the development of cooperation between universities where quality education is provided and the business world, Chairman Tool said, “As GEBKIM, Turkey's first specialized chemical industry, we attach great importance to studies and investments that will contribute to our country's economy. But we act with the awareness that the most important investment is our young people, who are in the position of our future. There is a saying we always say: We must build the future today. For this purpose, we signed a protocol agreement for R&D last January between our Technology and Solution Center (GEBTEK) established in GEBKİM and our Gebze Technical University. With this agreement, an important step has been taken in the field of university-industry cooperation. Thanks to this step taken, the sectoral experience of GEBKİM, combined with the academic power of Gebze Technical University, accelerated our country in the field of chemistry. kazanwill yell. Studies on the production of chemicals that are not produced in Turkey will be accelerated.” said.


“The chemical industry is the driving force of developed economies and should therefore be evaluated within an ecosystem.” Tool said:

“We carry out our activities in an environment-friendly structure within the ecosystem we have created together with our companies within the body of GEBKİM OSB. In our GEBKİM OIZ, we act with a holistic perspective, where our companies can produce together, exchange raw materials, share qualifications, experience and knowledge, all environmental problems can be resolved by a central administration, and logistics solutions are produced. With this perspective and our activities, we have reached a structure that produces, exports and strengthens. The biggest reason for the increasing demand for our OIZ is the accessibility to ports and its proximity to highways, and the ability to easily transport every product produced to all corners of Turkey and the world.


As you know, we announced to the public the investment of Russian petro-chemistry giant Tatneft in our OIZ. Thanks to this investment, we will produce a product that has never been produced in Turkey and is completely imported, and will contribute to closing the current account deficit and reduce foreign dependency. The theses presented by our students within the scope of the symposium are of great importance. The biggest investments that will carry our country to the top are original content and projects. I would like to state here that we can cooperate with many of these works done by our students. In order for such studies to be realized, universities should knock on the doors of industrialists at every opportunity and force them to cooperate.


In addition to these steps to be taken in the field of chemistry, we also need to reconstruct the negative perception of chemical products in society. When it comes to chemicals, we should create a perception of society that is not uneasy and make people love chemistry. Because chemistry is in every aspect of our lives. There is chemistry in every field, from the water we drink to the food we eat, from the clothes we wear to the medicine we use to regain our health.


I always proudly say: 'We produce XNUMX percent chemicals.' My biggest wish is that our citizens from all walks of society also have this perception. Because the only thing that makes a product or chemical harmful is the amount we use. What is harmful is not chemistry, but unconscious use. Changing this perception in society will open new doors of opportunity for us in every field. Therefore, each of us has a great responsibility here.”

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