Imamoglu, A Handful of People Shattered the Istanbul Convention

A Handful of People by Imamoglu Shattered the Istanbul Agreement
Imamoglu, A Handful of People Shattered the Istanbul Convention

İBB's 'Together Much; Organized with the title 'Equal and Full', '2. President giving the opening speech of the Purple Summit Ekrem İmamoğlu“History has given us a valuable chance: the Istanbul Convention. Unfortunately, we got it on our hands and on our faces. Friends in Ankara, again a handful of people, shattered the Istanbul Convention, as they do in all matters. But his struggle and the steps to resolve it continue,” he said.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) will organize the “10. Purple Summit” started at Istanbul Congress Center in Harbiye. “Together Too; IMM President gave the opening speech of the summit organized with the title of "Equal and Full". Ekrem İmamoğlu made. Reminding that they set out to realize the concepts of "equal, fair and creative city", İmamoğlu gave examples of their work in this context. Emphasizing that in our country and in the world, there are inequalities between individuals over different concepts as well as gender inequality, İmamoğlu emphasized that there is a change in mentality on this issue. Emphasizing that the mentality change in question is a holistic problem that concerns all layers of society, İmamoğlu said, “If we cannot create equality in society, it is not possible to talk about development, progress and progress in that society. It's all just talk. Such a society cannot thrive. Nor can it look strongly to the future. It should be understood that if 30-35 percent of women have a place in employment in a city, it will not be possible for that society to prosper. Women show in every field that they can do every job that men do," he said.


Emphasizing that as İBB, they attach special importance to the employment of women employees and managers, İmamoğlu said, “Today, in İBB, both in managerial positions, sometimes as an IETT driver or my fellow police officers, or from a metro driver to a technical staff or an engineer, I offer a very special service. I see what they offer and the presence of many female colleagues who serve in environments we are not used to. They both provide services to 16 million people and I think it is good for 16 million of our citizens when they see women. I think that image there is very good for the women of this city, our girls. I am truly honored and proud to serve in Istanbul with them," he said.


Reminding that the main topic of the previous summit was the "Istanbul Convention", which was enacted by the Presidential decree, İmamoğlu said:

“History has given us a valuable chance: the Istanbul Convention. Unfortunately, we got it on our hands and on our faces. In the name of a process that is so noble and will be showcased in so many worlds; A process in which there is a definition that eliminates gender inequality and women are involved, and the basis for resolving a contemporary issue is established, was called the Istanbul Convention. Unfortunately, friends in Ankara, again a handful of people, have shattered this Istanbul Convention, as in all matters. But his struggle and the steps to resolve it continue.”


Noting that the population of Turkey has reached 93 million with refugees and foreign elements of different status, İmamoğlu said, “We must realize that each of our issues in these lands is very important and can set an example for the world. Istanbul is an indicator and center of this life system in every aspect. We are managers who know that every job to be done here will make a very serious contribution to the country. We are talking about many issues. Asylum seeker, refugee… We talk about problems through faith. We are talking about problems over ethnicity. There are many topics. But let's face it: Actually, the main problem is equality. Whatever you put in its subtitle, equality is at the heart of the issue. In other words, equality in gender, equality in citizenship, equality in rights and law; equality in all respects. In fact, I think that we can solve the problems to a large extent when we resolve the issue of equality in the mind, consciousness, attitudes, behaviors, law and implementation of the rules of this society.”


Emphasizing that the Republic of Turkey took very advanced steps regarding the place of women in society during the period of its founder, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, İmamoğlu underlined that today we are behind those steps. Pointing out that the issue of equality should be addressed socially, İmamoğlu said:

“If we all think together, put political concepts aside, move beyond the issue of votes and act solution-oriented, we can make a reform, a revolution. Believe me, otherwise, we will turn into politicians who will not be looked at. In that context, I sincerely and insistently express to everyone who is here or not, who says 'I want to contribute to the issue of equality'; Let's put aside every issue that separates us and distances us from each other, let's stay away from that language, let's be sincere individuals who sit at the tables with a solution focus and put forth the effort to find solutions there. Let's make an effort so that our voice is received, perceived and felt by the society. If we reduce ourselves to the position of people who argue only as a local group, where our voice does not reach our citizens, believe me, we cannot derive any social benefit from this. I think we will have solved all our problems when we achieve an environment where every individual and every citizen in the Republic of Turkey can say, 'I am a citizen of the Republic of Turkey with equality among 86 million citizens,' with his head held high and his forehead open.


IMM Director of Women and Family Services, Şenay Gül, also gave detailed information about the flow of the summit, which will last for 2 days. Bringing together institutions, organizations, civil initiatives, activists and experts working on “gender equality” and local administrators in Istanbul, the summit puts the 'Local Equality Action Plan' at its center this year. In addition to non-governmental organizations such as Vineyard Interactive Learning Association, Mor Roof Women's Shelter Foundation, Women's Work Foundation, First Step Women's Cooperative, Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB), IKK Istanbul Women's Commission, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) participated.

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