83 More Medicines Added to Reimbursement List

The drug is placed on the further redemption list
83 More Medicines Added to Reimbursement List

📩 10/06/2022 16:01

Ministry of Labor and Social Security, without the Health Implementation Communiqué (SUT) regulation, 3 drugs including 1 cancer, 1 dementia, 1 multiple sclerosis, 1 pulmonary hypertension and 83 hypertensive crisis drug in the emergency room placed on the payment list. All of the drugs included in the list consist of domestically produced drugs.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security announced on the Official website of the Social Security Institution that 83 drugs, all of which were manufactured, were published, without the Social Security Institution (SGK) Health Implementation Communique (SUT) regulation.

83 drugs added to the reimbursement list created new alternatives and ease of access for the treatments in which they were used. Citizens will be able to obtain these drugs from pharmacies contracted with the Social Security Institution.

Of the 83 drugs that were decided to be added to the list; 1 antihypertensive, 7 analgesic, 1 analgesic-antipyretic, 2 anesthetic, 12 antibacterial, 5 antidote, 1 antiemetic, 2 antifungal, 3 antineoplastic, 1' i antispasmodic, 2 antiviral, 1 medicine used for zinc deficiency, 1 medicine for dementia, 1 medicine for iron deficiency, 5 medicine for diabetes treatment, 2 medicine for flu, 1 medicine for hypertensive emergency medication, 2 drugs used in heart failure, 2 muscle relaxants, 4 mucolytics, 1 drug used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, 1 opioid analgesic, 1 osteoporosis drug, 6 used in peptic ulcer and gastritis medication, 1 drug used in the treatment of prostate, 1 drug used in pulmonary hypertension, 4 drugs used in radiological imaging, 5 respiratory system drugs, 1 topical acne drug, 1 topical anesthetic, 3 topical fungicide, 1 topical drug used in the treatment of varicose veins and 1 vertigo drug.

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