75 Thousand Young People Met at Istanbul's New Youth Festival FestZ

A Thousand Young People Met at Istanbul's New Youth Festival FestZ
75 Thousand Young People Met at Istanbul's New Youth Festival FestZ

Istanbul's new youth festival, FestZ, has completed its three-day experience and entertainment marathon. Artists such as Sefo, Şanışer, Sokrat ST, KÖFN, and İkilem took the stage at FestZ, which was sponsored by Akbank and hosted by MediaCat. At the end of three days, the festival, in which 75 thousand young people participated, was the scene of special performances and events.

Bringing the Z generation together, FestZ completed its three-day marathon. The festival, which took place for the first time, provided a festival experience full of inspiration, skill and fun at Museum Gazhane. The festival, which was held under the main sponsorship of Akbank and hosted by Mediacat, reached over 75 thousand participants.

FestZ, which was held free of charge in Museum Gazhane, one of the iconic event venues of Istanbul, witnessed many events and concerts. The program, which included workshops, inspiration seminars, autograph events and interviews with authors, skills and sustainability activities, humor and plenty of music, brought together experienced names and young people.

Akbank Youth Academy – Inspiration SohbetThe agenda of FestZ, which was inaugurated with the FestZ, which started with Alemşah Öztürk's presentation on NFTs, the new generation art and interaction universe, met with young people who will shape the trends of the future for three days, with experienced names from money management to social entrepreneurship, from strengthening their creativity muscles to enriching their career design.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who opened the festival with his speech Ekrem İmamoğlu with young people sohbet started FestZ. The festival, which completed its first day with workshops, talks and concerts, lasted until the weekend.

'Good Things in the City' Happened at FestZ

FestZ, attended by more than 75 thousand young people, especially young people in Istanbul, held more than 50 workshops, talks, events and concerts. Focusing on different topics in a wide range of themes from technology to production, music to literature, FestZ appealed to young people from all fields.

“What is Transformation?” on the main stage. Akbank Academy Manager Selda Özçalık and Levent Erden made presentations with the title.

In addition to the "Overcoming the Data Madness & Being a Digital Leader" panel with Oğuzhan Saruhan and Burcu Civelek Yüce, the Career and Future Planning panel with Murat Yeşildere, Pınar Anapa and Ekin Al, a few Helpful Finance Information panels to Live the Life of Your Dreams with Aylin Özinci and Bensu Naz Association, Itır A Farewell to Individual Heroes: Social Entrepreneurship and Solidarity panel was also held with Erhart and Beril Alakoç.

In the concert section of FestZ, 30 thousand listeners accompanied Sefo, one of the star names of the rap world. Alternative music groups KÖFN and İkilem, together with DJ performances, took part in the Karnaval team and Eylül Çekirge FestZ stage.

Famous writers, well-known names of social media and many more were at FestZ

Popular writers of the literary world Pelin Batu, Tuna Kiremitçi, Yekta Kopan, Irmak Zileli, Mine Söğüt, Nermin Bezmen, Zeynep Göğüş, Nasuh Mahruki, Buket Uzuner, Hakan Bıçakcı and Aslı Tohumcu met with their readers at interviews and autograph events.

Influencers Michele Cedolin, Joel Moriasi, Mete ”Easter Gamers” Özbey and Kaan ”Gicaas” Küçükyılmaz, Ayyüce Kamit and Furkan Yalçın, who are well-known to young people, answered the questions of their followers in the interviews.

With the Filmbox presentation, events with different themes such as Bohemian Rhapsody movie screening, Tuzbiber Standup, Duygu Atakan Çok Açık Konucam Podcast, Okan Çabalar standup show were staged as part of FestZ.

75 thousand young people met with inspiration, experience and fun

On the last day of the festival, the young people first had fun with Ediz Hafızoğlu and Kamufle, and then with the alternative music group KÖFN. In the last event of the festival, Şanışer and Sokrat ST, well-known names of the rap world, took the stage and ended FestZ. Ados, one of the leading names in the rap world, hosted the duo again.

Over 75 young people entered the FestZ, which lasted for three days. Completely free of charge, FestZ hosted over 50 events, 20 experience areas and unlimited inspiration.

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