3600 Additional Indicators Remained Until Next Year

Additional Indicator Remains Before New Year's Eve
3600 Additional Indicators Remained Until Next Year

After the Cabinet meeting, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made a statement regarding the regulation of 3600 additional indicators, which millions of civil servants and retired civil servants are looking forward to. "There will be an increase of 600 points in the additional indicators of all civil servants," Erdogan said.

Speaking about 3600 additional indicator studies after the cabinet meeting, President Erdoğan shared the details with the public.

Stating that they have completed the study, Erdoğan made the following statements: “When it first came to the agenda, it was for our teachers, police officers, health workers. However, we have seen that the increase to be made only for these segments will lead to injustice. For this, we planned to go to the 600-point indicator in the additional shows of all our officers. It will be available from next year.

Additional indicators of assistant general managers will increase from 3 thousand 600 to 4 thousand 400, and managers at the level of branch managers and district managers will increase from 2 thousand 200 to 3 thousand.

Of course, the increases will be reflected in the salaries of still retired public servants. Our greatest sensitivity is to protect employment, compensate for loss of income, and prevent opportunists from placing a permanent burden on our people. Apart from providing a small increase in the salaries of our civil servants, there are serious retirement bonuses and pensions. kazanIt brings messages”

It concerned religious officials, police, nurses and religious officials. The additional indicators of all officers were increased by 600 points. All 5,3 million public officials will benefit from the regulation by the beginning of the year.

Provided that they have reached the 1st degree, the beneficiaries will be increased to 3600 additional indicators.

The additional indicator of the assistant general manager will be increased to 4400, and the additional indicator of the branch manager and district manager will be increased to 3000.

The pension of an officer with 3600 years of service, whose additional indicator is increased to 30, will increase between 1234 and 1391 liras, and his retirement bonus will increase between 44 thousand 500 and 50 thousand 150 liras.

The regulation will take effect from January 2023.

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