24 New Buses Taken into Service with a Ceremony in Diyarbakir

New Bus Commissioned in Diyarbakir
24 New Buses Taken into Service in Diyarbakir

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality put into service with a ceremony, 24 buses purchased for the purpose of providing effective, efficient and comfortable transportation services to citizens in public transportation.

Speaking at the program held in the Metropolitan Municipality Natural Gas Bus parking area, Governor and Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Ali İhsan Su, said that they are happy to perform another good service to Diyarbakır.

Stating that 60 buses will continue to serve on 298 routes with the newly purchased buses, Governor Su noted that the buses will be operated on the routes in line with the demands and needs of the citizens.

“Currently, we have no district left without service”

Emphasizing that the Metropolitan Municipality will ease public transportation with the newly commissioned buses, Governor Su said: “I gave instructions to our friends. From these incoming buses, we said, let's put a municipal bus service to our districts that do not have a municipal bus. Currently, we have put the municipal bus services to our Kulp, Lice, Hazro, Eğil and Çüngüş districts from these buses. We have also put 1 bus service to our Bagivar Neighborhood, which does not have a service. Thus, there is no district left that does not have a service to our districts at the moment.”

A total of 52 new buses

Noting that a total of 52 new buses will be put into service, Governor Su stated that the remaining 28 buses would normally be delivered in September, but they are trying to push this period forward.

Emphasizing that citizens will travel comfortably on buses, Governor Şu said: “Our air-conditioned buses are the latest model and modern. All of them are very beautiful, special buses that our citizens can travel comfortably in. Over time, we will continue to work on renewing our old buses. Again, within this framework, we are already continuing our work on maintenance, repairs and air conditioners, and we will continue to do so.”

“Our teams are at the service of our citizens 7/24”

Stating that they are trying to provide the best service to the citizens, Governor Su said: “As the governorship, services continue at every point of our city in terms of public services. On the other hand, as the Metropolitan Municipality, our services continue at every point and in the field. There are services that have been done, ongoing and planned services. We are here to serve our citizens, both as the governorship and all personnel and affiliated units, and as the Metropolitan Municipality and all affiliated units. We are here to serve our citizens. That's why all our teams are at the service of our citizens 7/24. Wherever there is a problem, all our teams are ready to intervene immediately.”

“Our work continues everywhere”

Pointing out that the Governor's Office and the Metropolitan Municipality are working for the comfort of the citizens, Governor Su said: “We are mobilizing all our resources, both as the Metropolitan Municipality and as the Governorship, for our citizens to live comfortably, comfortably and in peace, and we will continue to do so. Our city is developing rapidly. We have started the asphalting works of our very beautiful roads. They continue. Our park and garden works continue. In other words, we continue to work in every corner of our city so that our citizens can have a good time, make their travels comfortable and safer, and improve the traffic flow.”

“We will be the breath of our Diyarbakır with 24 vehicles”

Abdullah Çiftçi, Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, stated that they had an important day at the point of breathing in the transportation, and said:

“We will be the breath of our Diyarbakır with 24 vehicles. As Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, we have been providing transportation services with 274 vehicles until today, and we carry approximately 54 thousand passengers on 120 separate lines daily only with our own vehicle. Our 24 vehicles will be 8 meters long and we will have 40 8 meters vehicles in total. We will have 1 12-meter vehicle and 11 18-meter vehicles will serve.”

Çiftçi concluded his speech with the following sentences: “As of the summer period, Diyarbakır is a hot country and we received the most complaints about vehicle air conditioners. 180 of our current vehicles have been maintained for air conditioning, and 20 of them are undergoing maintenance. We will launch them in a few days. We will take the satisfaction of our passengers to the next level. With the vehicles to come until September, we will reach a much better level in city transportation. In the upcoming period, we will also be purchasing 80 drivers. Hopefully, after we finalize them, we will be at the service of citizens 7/24 in a much faster and more comfortable way.”

After the speeches, Governor Su and his entourage examined the buses and received information from the technical personnel.

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