2300 Years Old Zindankapı Hosted Once Upon a Time Fairy Tale Festival

Annually Zindankapi Hosted Fairy Tale Festival
2300 Years Old Zindankapı Hosted Once Upon a Time Fairy Tale Festival

After the restoration works carried out by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, the 2300-year-old Zindankapı was transformed into a contemporary art gallery and museum, this time hosting the Evvel Zaman Fairy Tale Festival. At the festival, adults as well as children embarked on a colorful journey in the fairy tale world.

The second of the "Once Upon a Time Fairy Tale Festival", which was started last year to give morale to the children affected by the pandemic, continues at full speed. Member of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Specialization Committee Assoc. Dr. At the festival, which was prepared under the consultancy of Evrim Ölçer Özünel, 32 storytellers bring together the 100 distinguished tales of the Turkish World with Bursa residents. This time, the 10-year-old Zindankapı hosted the festival, which was held at 2300 different points in the city. Adults as well as children showed great interest in the festival held in the garden of Zindankapı, which serves as a contemporary art gallery and museum after it was restored by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. Mustafa Cem Alfar, the narrator from Istanbul, shared the fairy tale 'Bey mi yaman el mi yaman', and Bursa's narrator Seher Kanber Bilgi, accompanied by musician Tahir Ayne, shared 'Farz-ı mahal' with the audience.

Intense interest is pleasing

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş also accompanied the children to enjoy the fairy tale at Zindankapı. President Aktaş, who listened to the tales with the children, said that the intense interest shown in the festival made them happy as well. Stating that fairy tale meetings continue in 10 different points of the city, Mayor Aktaş said, “In our childhood, we always listened to the tales that started with the words 'Once upon a time, in a sieve and straw', and we always wondered about the next tale when each tale was over. This event was good for both our children and those who miss their childhood. Seeing families and children happy makes us very happy.”

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