14 Articles of the Proposal Regarding Social Media and Internet Journalism Accepted

The Article of the Proposal Regarding Social Media and Internet Journalism was Accepted
14 Articles of the Proposal Regarding Social Media and Internet Journalism Accepted

14 more articles of the Law on the Amendment of the Press Law and Some Laws, which include regulations on social media and internet journalism, were approved by the Parliamentary Justice Committee. According to the accepted articles of the proposal, internet news sites are also included in the definition of periodicals.

The definition of internet news site, Director of Communications, Directorate of Communications, Press Card Commission, member of the media, and information officer is also included in the regulation.

In internet news sites, the workplace address, trade name, e-mail address, communication phone and electronic notification address, name and address of the hosting provider will be kept under the "contact" heading in a way that users can access directly from the home page on their own internet media.

The date when a content is first presented on internet news sites and the next update dates will be indicated on the content, in a way that will not change each time it is accessed.

In order to ensure the rapid and effective notification of press releases and broadcast ban decisions given by judicial bodies; The declaration to be submitted to be registered for the publication of periodicals will now be given to the Press Advertisement Agency instead of the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor.

The electronic notification address will also be shown in the declaration submitted for registration.

Press Advertisement Institution can request the suspension of publication.

The prohibition of broadcasting will not be applied in terms of internet news sites. If the internet news site does not comply with the provision, the Press Advertisement Agency will request the internet news site to correct the deficiencies or correct the untrue information within 2 weeks. In the event that the request is not fulfilled, the Press Advertisement Agency's internet news site qualification kazanHe will apply to the criminal court of first instance to determine whether he is not. The court will give its decision within 2 weeks at the latest.

If the application is accepted, the official announcements and advertisements that can be provided for internet news sites and the rights of the employees regarding the press card will be removed. The removal of the rights provided for the internet news site will not prevent the enforcement of the sanctions envisaged in accordance with this law or the relevant legislation.

Delivery and storage obligation

The contents published on the internet news site will be kept for 2 years in a correct and complete manner, to be delivered to the requesting Chief Public Prosecutor's Office when necessary.

In case of a written notification to the internet news site that the publication is the subject of investigation and prosecution by the judicial authorities, it will be obligatory to keep the record of the publication subject to the investigation and prosecution until the notification of the conclusion of these proceedings.

The responsible manager will be obliged to publish the correction and response letter of the injured person on the internet news sites, without any correction or addition, within one day at the latest from the date of receipt of the article, on the pages and columns of the relevant publication, in the same fonts and in the same way, by providing a URL link. . In the event that the decision to block the access and/or remove the content about the broadcast is implemented, or the content is automatically removed by the internet news site, the correction and response text will be published on the website where the relevant broadcast is made, for a period of 24 week, the first 1 hours of which is on the home page.

Criminal cases pertaining to other crimes committed through printed works or internet news sites or stipulated in this law will have to be opened within 4 months for daily periodicals and internet news sites, and within 6 months for other printed works, as a condition of reasoning. These periods will start from the date the printed works are delivered to the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor, and for internet news sites, from the date of the report of the crime.

Press card application, nature and types determined

With the proposal, the press card application, its nature and types were also determined. Accordingly, the press card application will be made to the Directorate of Communications. The press card will be accepted as an official identification document.

Press card types were determined as follows:

  • Mission-related press card: Press card given to Turkish citizen media members and information officers working for a media organization,
  • Timed press card: Press card given to foreign media members whose field of duty covers Turkey,
  • Temporary press card: The press card given to foreign media members who come to Turkey for news for a temporary period, although their field of duty does not cover Turkey,
  • Free press card: Press card given to members of the media who do not work temporarily or do freelance journalism abroad,
  • Permanent press card: It will mean a lifetime press card given to media members and information officers with at least 18 years of professional service.

Who can get a press card?

Press card is issued to Turkish citizens of media organizations operating in Turkey, owners of periodicals or representatives of legal entities and chairman of the board of directors of radio and television, foreign media members who act on behalf of media organizations and whose mandate covers Turkey, and whose field of duty covers Turkey. Although it does not cover Turkey, foreign media members who come to Turkey temporarily for news purposes, Turkish citizen owners and employees of media organizations broadcasting abroad, Turkish citizen media members doing freelance journalism abroad, public institutions and organizations serving in the field of media and public institutions It can be given to public personnel working in the information services carried out by trade unions and associations and foundations that are found to be operating in the public interest, provided that they operate in the field of media.

In order to apply for a press card, applicants must complete the age of 18, graduate from at least a high school or equivalent education institution, and not be restricted or banned from public services.

In addition, even if the deadlines specified in Article 53 of the Turkish Penal Code have passed in order for those who request a press card to apply; imprisonment for 5 years or more for an intentionally committed crime or for blackmail, theft, forgery, fraud, breach of trust, perjury, perjury, slander, fabrication, obscenity, prostitution, fraudulent bankruptcy, embezzlement, extortion, bribery, smuggling, bid rigging, rigging of performance, laundering of property values ​​arising from crime, crimes against sexual immunity, crimes against public peace, crimes against the constitutional order and the functioning of this order, crimes against national defense, crimes against state secrets, espionage must not have been convicted of crimes or terrorism offenses.

Those who request a card will also be required to make a contract in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Regulation of Relationships Between Employees and Employees in the Media Profession, to work without interruption for a period of not more than 1 month from the date of dismissal, except for force majeure, and not to engage in commercial activities other than media activities. This provision will not apply to periodicals or legal entity representatives requesting a press card, chairman of the board of directors of radio and television, employees who can obtain a press card in public institutions and organizations, and Turkish citizen media members working in foreign press-broadcasting organizations who request a press card.

Those who request a permanent and free press card and those who request a press card connected to their duty through TRT will not be required to make a contract in accordance with the provisions of the relevant law and to work without interruption for no more than 1 month from the date of quitting, except for force majeure.

If they certify that they are assigned by the media organization, have a work permit in accordance with the International Labor Law, and present a letter of introduction received from the embassy, ​​embassy or consulate in Turkey of the country where the headquarters of the organization they are affiliated with, to the foreign media members who request a press card, card can be issued.

Press Card Commission

The Press Card Commission will consist of 9 members. In addition to 2 members representing the Presidency, a member to be determined by the union with the highest number of press card holders among the unions operating as a labor union, and a member to be determined by the Presidency from among the deans of the communication faculty or journalists holding a press card will take place in the commission.

The term of office of the members will be 2 years. Members whose term has expired can be re-elected.

Commission; will decide whether to carry a press card by evaluating the applicant's qualifications, professional studies, works and awards.

Accordingly, if it is understood that the press card holder does not have the qualifications specified in the law or has subsequently lost these qualifications, the press card will be canceled by the Directorate of Communications.

In case the press card holder behaves in violation of the press moral principles, the Press Card Commission may be warned by taking into account the nature of the violation, or it may be decided to cancel the press card.

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