Green Crescent Invites All of Turkey to Pedal for a Healthy Life

Yesilay Invites All Turkey To Pedal For A Healthy Life
Green Crescent Invites All of Turkey to Pedal for a Healthy Life

Green Crescent organizes the 10th Green Crescent Cycling Tour with the aim of raising awareness about the fight against addictions in Turkey and in the world. The Istanbul leg of the tour, which will be held on the same day in many parts of Turkey and the world, is organized together with the Cyclists' Association. Anyone, amateur or professional, can participate in the bike tour. Registrations for the tour, which will take place in the historical peninsula in Istanbul, are made on the website. At the end of the bike tour, which will continue between 11.00:14.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX, there will be a draw. kazanBicycles will be given to 10 people at the moment.

Stating that sports have a great importance in good and healthy living habits, Green Crescent President Prof. Dr. Mücahit Öztürk stated the following:

“As Green Crescent, it has been struggling with addictions for more than a century; We continue our work with the aim of ensuring that every individual lives a good and healthy life. Undoubtedly, sportive activities have a special place among these activities. We know that the habit of doing sports contributes to both prevention and rehabilitation processes. In this context, we have many events in which everyone from 7 to 70 can be involved. The Green Crescent Cycling Tour, which we will organize for the 10th time this year, is one of them. We are very excited to reorganize our event this year, which we could not hold for two years due to the pandemic, and we aim to reach a large number of people. Thanks to the Cyclists Association for their cooperation; We invite everyone who wants to enjoy the historical peninsula by pedaling to join us on Sunday, May 22.”

Every year, amateur and professional athletes show great interest in the Green Crescent Cycling Tour, which has become a tradition. Thousands of cyclists pedal for good and healthy living.

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