Who is Seray Sever? Who is Seray Sever, where is she from and how old is she?

seray loves
seray loves

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Seray Sever, who is known to be pregnant with twin babies, gave sad news to her fans in her birthday post. Seray Sever announced that her father was intubated. So who is Seray Sever? Who is Seray Sever, where is she from and how old is she? Here are the answers to your questions in this news..

Seray Sever,February 27 1973, Istanbul Born, 47-year-old Seray Sever Türk is a presenter, actress, singer and producer. She completed her high school education at Doğuş College. She received a degree in TUBITAK Mathematics Awards during her education. He is a graduate of Boğaziçi University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Economics. In February 2006, he released his 5-song album called Yeni Bir Fikir with the Seyhan Music label. Video clips of the songs named İçim Burning and Yeni Bir Decision included in this album have been released.

In 2008, he founded Zodyak Production, a company that produces series, TV shows, commercials and movies. Tekin Acar Kozmetik brought the world-famous cosmetics manufacturer Kiehl's brand to Turkey in partnership.

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She made her first marriage to Uğur Kozanoğlu in 21 when she was just 1994 years old. Seray Sever, who got married once again in 2018, years after her first marriage, is married to Eray Sünbül. The couple decided to marry after 4 years of love. He met Seray Sever, who is 10 years apart, and his wife on the set of the movie "Manda Yuvası" and got married in Bodrum.

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You can reach the famous artist's Instagram address with the username Seray Sever (@seraysever).

Seray Sever
Seray Sever

Programs hosted by

  • Popstop (TRT) (1990)
  • Morning Candies (ATV) (1996)
  • Sunday on ATV (ATV) 1996)
  • Let's Choose (ATV) (1998)
  • When Luck Knocked on the Door (Show TV) (1999)
  • Get Love (ATV) (2002)
  • Krypton (Show TV) (2002)
  • Popstar (Channel D) (2004)
  • Turkstar (Channel D) (2004)
  • Not Elsewhere (Cine 5) (2005)
  • Studio 4 (Star TV) (2006)
  • Seray Sever and Men (Turkmax) (2007)
  • Morning Blind (ATV) (2007)
  • All Inclusive (Turkmax) (2008)

Video clips featuring

  • “Backgammon” (Mirkelam) (1995)
  • “The Loyal” (Emel Müftüoğlu) (1995)
  • “I'm Burning” (Seray Sever) (2006)
  • “A New Decision” (Seray Sever) (2006)

Series in which

  • Laughing Charm (1998)
  • The Mole (1999)
  • Nanny (2000)
  • Account at Home (2000)
  • Kumkapi Incident-Sorry (2000)
  • Home Situation (2002)
  • Valley of the Wolves (2003)
  • Tears of the Captive City (2003)
  • What Will the Children Be (2004)
  • Holiday Love (2004)
  • Celebrity Farm (2005)
  • EU's Ways Made of Stone (2005)
  • Watch If You Are Male (2006)
  • False Romance (2009)
  • Best Friends (2009)
  • 18 + (2011)
  • Small Accounts (2012)

Films featuring

  • He's a Soldier Now (2002)
  • Bathroom (2005)
  • Bayrampaşa: I Will Not Stay Long (2007)
  • The Masked Five: Cyprus (2008)
  • Buffalo Nest (2015)

Advertising films featuring

  • Kilim Furniture (Television) (2005)
  • Electroworld (Viral ad) (2011)

Theatrical plays

  • Full Moon Killer (2002)
  • My Dear Wife (2004)

TV series that he produced

  • You Are Wonderful (Zodiac Production) (2010)
  • +18 (Zodiac Production) (2011)
  • What Size Does Love Wear? (Zodiac Production) (2012)

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