Who is Melek Mosso, What is her real name? How old is Melek Mosso, where is she from?

Who is Melek Mosso What is her real name? How old is Melek Mosso?
Who is Melek Mosso, What is her real name, how old is Melek Mosso, where is she from

Melek Mosso, or Melek Davarcı, was born on November 11, 1988 in Kayseri. He started music at the age of seven by composing his first composition. At the age of nine, he started to take baglama and Turkish Folk Music lessons at Denizli Municipality Conservatory. He then continued his education at Fine Arts High School. He started playing the flute in high school. He completed his university education at Adnan Menderes University, Faculty of Education, Department of Music Teaching. He has been a choirist and soloist throughout his education life.

After completing his education, he came to Istanbul. Kadıköy – He increased his recognition by making music on the Beşiktaş line. He also gave piano, flute, solfeggio and harmony lessons and prepared his students who wanted to study music for the conservatory exams. Prizes by participating in various Music Contests kazanwas. He performed in various stages by making swing and jazz concept music with his band named Zbam The Band, which he founded with his musician friends.

The video, in which Yıldız Tilbe reinterpreted her song "Vursalar I Can't Die", reached over 100 million views. TV series of No.1 Pit He accompanied No.1 in the song "There's No Light" made for the song "No Light", and this song reached over 100 million views. In addition, the track named “There is No Light” was included in No.1's album “Black Flag”. In 2018, he took part in the playlists of the radios for a long time with his single "Cat", the lyrics and music of which he made himself.


  • Angel Mosso (2020)
  • “Cat” (2018)
  • “Your Shadow Is Enough” (2018)
  • “Like a Partridge” (2019)
  • “I Can't Die If They Hit” (2019)
  • “Hug Hug” (2019)
  • “Eye of Heart” (2020)
  • “The one who forgets Kazanir” (2020)
  • “Saturday Song” (2020)
  • “Lie” (ft. Aras) (2020)
  • “They Said You Got Rid” (2020)
  • "I'm Angry" (2021)
  • “If I Cry” (2021)
  • “The Later Remains” (2021)
  • “Don't Come Even If I Say Come” (with Aras) (2021)
  • “Zülüf” (with Haluk Levent) (2021)
  • "Money does not bring happiness" (Love Songs) (2021)
  • “My Life Has Slipped” (2021)
  • “Your Eyelashes” (2021)
  • “Nobody's Nobody” (with Veys Çolak) (2021)
  • "Clove" (New Turkish Timeless) (2022)
  • "Years Don't Forgive" (Respect Album: Bergen) (2022)

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