Who is Aleyna Fox, how old is she and where is she originally from?

Who is Aleyna Fox, how old is she and where is she originally from?
Who is Aleyna Fox, how old is she and where is she originally from?

Aleyna Tilki took the stage at the 'Welcome to Summer' party held in Çatalca the previous day. Aleyna Tilki, who took the stage with an assertive stage costume, stayed on the stage for 2 hours.

Answering the questions of the journalists before the stage, Aleyna Tilki said, “My song was listed in 80 countries. I was listed as the first Turkish female singer in Equal Global, what more can I say? Let the criticism be covered. The cover is made with care!

In the last 30 years, there is no other Turkish artist in the world who has achieved the success I have achieved. With this success, I opened doors to other young people. I am happy because of that.” said.

Who is Aleyna Fox, how old is she and where is she originally from?

Who is Aleyna Fox, how old is she and where is she originally from?

Aleyna Tilki was born on March 28, 2000 in Of, Konya, as the daughter of a mother from Trabzon and a father from Konya. She was seen on television for the first time with her participation in the Talent You're Turkey contest. In August 2016, she took part as a vocalist in Turkish composer and arranger Emrah Karaduman's song “Answered Ringing”. of the piece YouTubeIt became the most watched video clip in Turkey in 2016 and was watched more than 480 million times in a year. Thus, it caught the title of the most watched Turkish song clip. The song peaked at number 2 on the MusicTopTR Official List. Tilki released his first solo track "You Olsan Bari" in July 2017 and became number 1 on the same list in Turkey.

In the first months of her debut, she took the stage in places with alcohol, which drew the reaction of a part of the society on the grounds that she was underage. During a concert in Diyarbakır in November 2016, two handmade sound bombs were thrown at the venue.

On June 5, 2019, Tilki released the clip of the song "Lonely Flower", which was included in the album Star Tilbe's Star Songs with Emrah Karaduman. The song took the third place in the category of the most watched clip in 24 hours on the video clip viewership measurement platform.

The music video for the summer song "How Are You In Love" prepared by Tilki for Cornetto in 2019 YouTubeIt became the most watched video worldwide on May 8, 2019.

Tilki signed an agreement with Warner Music Group, one of the largest music companies in the world, in May 2019, and it was announced that Tilki would later make an English album and 4 tracks with the company. This made him the first Turkish singer to work with this company.

After featuring the LGBTQ flag in her clip named 'How are you in Love' shot in 2018, Aleyna Tilki said on Twitter in June 2020, "Love is everywhere, in all forms…. It is colorful… You cannot fit its description into a mold, you cannot interpret love… Love is moldless, unlimited, shapeless and its definition is different for everyone. A truly heartfelt love is the essence, and the way you live it is unique to you…” and openly declared that she is an LGBT supporter.

In 2020, he agreed to play in a TV series in Exxen, owned by Acun Ilıcalı. She shares the lead roles with Cemal Can Canseven in the TV series This Is My Story, which started in 2021.

Written by Dua Lipa, Sarah Hudson and Coffee on February 26, 2021; Diplo, King Henry and Jr. The video clip of the first English song "Retrograde" composed by Blender has been released. After TRT General Manager İbrahim Eren announced in 2021 that he had started working on Turkey's participation in Eurovision, rumors began to circulate that Aleyna Tilki would be the first to participate. Thereupon, Aleyna Tilki announced that she wanted to promote Turkey not in Europe but all over the world, so she did not plan to participate in Eurovision.

Music Pieces

  • “If It Was You” 2017
  • “How Are You In Love” 2019
  • “Lie” 2020
  • “This Is My Tale”
  • “Retrograde” 2021
  • “Retrograde (Galantis Remix)”
  • “Retrograde (Vintage Culture Remix)”
  • “There Is A Confrontation Now”
  • "Secret"
  • “Take It or Leave It” 2022

Film Musics

  • “The River” This Is My Tale
  • “Troll” (with Ayça Tilki)
  • "Nightmare"
  • "No Secrets"
  • "Dance"
  • “Is it okay”
  • “Crazy”
  • “Who Says”
  • “Who Is My Love”
  • “in my heart”
  • "Curtain"
  • "Don't go"
  • “Not Innocent”
  • “I Was Made Of My Dream”

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