What is Yunus Police, What Does It Do, How To Become? Yunus Police Salary 2022

Yunus Police Salaries
What is Yunus Police, What Does It Do, How to Become Yunus Police Salaries 2022

Yunus Police are the police teams that can intervene in the events more quickly than the police who will provide transportation by automobile. Dolphin Cops are actively serving in areas where there is congested traffic or narrow streets. Yunus Policemen, who work as motorcycles, work with their uniforms and caps.

Motorcycle police are called Yunus Police because of their ability to establish close relations with the public in a short time. At the same time, these policemen were called dolphins because dolphins are human beings and always represent friendship and affection.

Dolphin Police What Does It Do, What Are Its Duties?

What is Yunus Police? Yunus Police Salaries 2022 We can list the professional duties of Yunus Police officers as follows;

  • It provides general security and public order.
  • He/she conveys the crimes committed or being committed within the scope of their duties to the relevant units in accordance with the subject of the crime.
  • He stops at the crime scene until the unit in charge arrives and prevents the evidence from being corrupted or stolen.
  • Catches and detains suspects or suspects who are on the run.
  • Delivers the accused to the relevant units that will conduct the criminal investigation.

Dolphin Police How to be?

People who want to be Yunus police;

  • Police Academy
  • Must be graduated from Police Vocational School.

Persons who will become a police officer after high school or university education in the field of policing must take certain exams in line with their training.

There are some special conditions for Dolphin Cops;

  • Must not be over 28 years old.
  • A female dolphin must be 1,70 cm tall to become a police officer, and a male dolphin must have 1,75 cm to become a police officer.
  • To be able to ride a motorcycle, there should be no physical problems.
  • Must not have any health problems to perform the task.

Dolphin Police Salaries 2022

Yunus Police Salary was determined as 2022 TL with the increase in 9.800.

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