What is an Optical Engineer, What Does He Do, How Do I Become? Optical Engineer Salaries 2022

Optical Engineer Salaries
What is an Optical Engineer, What Does It Do, How to Become Optical Engineer Salaries 2022

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Optical engineers take advantage of optics, one of the fundamental subjects of physics, and work in a wide range of fields from medicine to automotive. Optical engineering, which is one of the interdisciplinary engineering fields, can work in any field including light. Optical engineers who need to have knowledge in fields such as mathematics, physics, geometry; can work in the field of public institutions, public affiliates and the private sector.

What Does an Optical Engineer Do, What Are Their Duties?

The duties of optical engineers, who can work in defense, space, automotive, imaging, electronics and many different fields, are listed as follows;

  • To carry out production, design, measurement and testing processes with optical technology,
  • Making algebra and geometric calculations,
  • Using 3D design programs,
  • To reduce costs and increase quality,
  • Using optical design and simulation programs,
  • To make optical analyzes in different test areas such as the photometry laboratory,

How to Become an Optical Engineer?

There are two paths in front of those who want to become an optical engineer. The first is to complete the optical and acoustic engineering department of universities, which provides 4-year education. Another method is to graduate from the physics engineering department of universities, which provides 4-year education, and to specialize in optics. A significant number of optical engineers work in defense and communication organizations in Turkey. Optical engineering is a field that is intertwined with both physics and electricity and electronics. Due to its interdisciplinary nature, an optical engineer is expected to have knowledge in both fields. Other qualifications expected from an optical engineer are as follows;

  • To make calculations without errors,
  • To be suitable for teamwork,
  • To know the legal processes related to the field,
  • have a good command of English,
  • Specializing in lighting, defense or any other field,
  • To be able to think analytically and solution-oriented,
  • Completion or exemption from military service,
  • Not having any barriers to travel within the country or abroad.

Optical Engineer Salaries 2022

The lowest Optical Engineer salary received in 2022 is 9.300 TL, the average Optical Engineer salary is 11.800 TL, and the highest Optical Engineer salary is 14.300 TL.

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