What is a Revenue Specialist, What Does He Do, How To Become? Revenue Specialist Salaries 2022

What Is a Revenue Specialist What Does It Do How To Become Income Specialist Salaries
What is a Revenue Specialist, What Does He Do, How to Become a Revenue Specialist Salary 2022

Revenue specialist is the professional title given to the person who takes charge in order to make suggestions and opinions on tax-related issues. Revenue specialist carries out work related to tax collections. He is obliged to carry out all kinds of work assigned to him, depending on the initiative of the managers in the institutions or organizations they work for.

What Does a Revenue Specialist Do, What Are Their Duties?

The main duties of revenue specialists are:

  • To carry out and follow the work and transactions specified to them in accordance with the laws, regulations, by-laws and directives,
  • To fulfill the duties assigned by the superiors in accordance with the legislation,
  • To ensure that the collection transactions are carried out in a timely and correct manner.

How to Become an Income Specialist?

Income specialization is a position that is settled through special examinations after academic training. It is required to graduate from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, the Faculty of Political Sciences and the relevant departments of the Faculty of Law. The exam to be entered is the KPSS conducted by OSYM. Selections are made in accordance with special conditions and score type. First, the profession is taken as an assistant income specialist. Then take the proficiency test kazanIt is possible to become an income specialist. People who want to be an income specialist must have some qualifications;

  • To fulfill the duty of assistant income specialist,
  • Qualifications required by the area of ​​expertise and administrative issues to become a revenue specialist kazanmak,
  • To have expertise in the legislation in the field of duty,
  • To receive education in order to increase foreign language knowledge,
  • Developing analytical and research skills,
  • Developing their personalities according to the qualifications brought by the profession of income specialist,
  • Being open to continuous learning and innovation,
  • To have at least (C) level as a result of the Public Personnel Foreign Language Exam (KPDS).

Revenue Specialist Salaries 2022

The lowest Revenue Specialist salary received in 2022 is 7.400 TL, the average Revenue Specialist salary is 8.600 TL, and the highest Revenue Specialist salary is 10.500 TL.

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