What is a lifeguard, what does it do, how to become a lifeguard? Lifeguard Salaries 2022

What Is A Lifeguard What Does It Do How To Become Lifeguard Salaries
What is a lifeguard, what does he do, how to become a lifeguard Salary 2022

Lifeguards are people who stand by in case of possible drowning in environments where people swim, such as beaches and pools. Anyone who wants to work in this job must attend lifeguard course programs and receive the necessary training through a lifeguard trainer.

What Does a Lifeguard Do, What Are His Duties?

  • Lifeguards are the people who provide security at the beaches and pools and also participate in search and rescue efforts and make the first responders in possible situations.
  • In cases of suffocation, it is his duty to perform life-saving actions such as CPR or CPR.
  • Those who do this profession receive different titles, including bronze, silver and gold, according to their lifeguard education level.
  • Candidates with a 3-star diver certificate of the Federation work as golden lifeguards in sports competitions and in environments such as open sea or lake. Bronze titles can only work in pools.

How to Become a Lifeguard

Those who want to do this profession can work in open waters, shores, pools or lakes according to their titles after completing the relevant training and getting their certificates. The courses you will attend to get the certificate usually take between 4 and 6 days and you should have understood at least 70% of what has been taught to you. Those who are considering doing this profession should also be very good at swimming.

How to Get a Lifeguard Certificate?

You can obtain your certificate by attending courses in an institution that has a certificate of authorization from the Turkish Underwater Sports Federation, graduating from the relevant departments of universities or participating in programs prepared by sports clubs.

What are the Conditions for Being a Lifeguard?

Although the conditions vary according to the desired title, the general expectations are as follows.

  • to be 18 years old,
  • To be at least primary school graduate,
  • To have a medical report showing that there is no obstacle in doing this profession.

In addition, people who want to be a lifeguard must have certain qualifications;

  • Must know swimming and swimming techniques well.
  • Must have good communication with people.
  • In order to do this job, there should be no physical health problems.
  • It must be active and constantly moving.
  • He should be able to keep his calm in an emergency.
  • Should be careful.

Lifeguard Salaries 2022

The lowest lifeguard salaries received in 2022 were determined as 5.600 TL, the average lifeguard salaries received was 6.100 TL, and the highest lifeguard salaries were 10.900 TL.

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