What is a Commissioner, What Does He Do, How To Become? Commissioner Salaries 2022

What is a Commissioner What Does He Do How to Become Commissioner Salaries
What is a Commissioner, What Does He Do, How to Become Commissioner Salaries 2022

Commissioner is one of the ranks used in the police and security forces. Commissioners are employed within the General Directorate of Security and continue their duties in this directorate.

The Commissioner is among the top ranks of the police force, which plays an important role in ensuring the security of the country. Provides supervision of the deputy commissioner. It helps the regular functioning of the police and security organization system. Commissioners working in police stations mainly perform their policing duties. They differ from other police only in terms of seniority and rank.

What Does the Commissioner Do, What Are His Duties?

The commissioner has important duties to ensure homeland security and to protect the peace of the country. These tasks are as follows:

  • To ensure the peace and control of the police station where they are assigned,
  • Responsible for branch operations
  • Helping to carry out the work in the branches in an orderly manner,
  • To ensure that citizens living in the country benefit from their rights to safety,
  • To ensure the complete protection of the equipment for which it is responsible,
  • To ensure that the works coming from the top rank are done and to do it personally when necessary,
  • To ensure the unity of peace among citizens,
  • To intervene in adverse events that occur at the place of duty.

How to Become a Commissioner?

In order to become a commissioner, it is necessary to have an associate degree or a bachelor's degree. Specially opened police schools for the police are one of the necessary ways to become a commissioner. PAEM (Police Chiefs Training Center), which trains deputy commissioners, is also one of the places that can be preferred. After a while, they are promoted to the commissary. You don't have to be a cop to get into PAEM. If the necessary conditions are met, you can become a commissioner in this training center. In order to become a commissioner, it is necessary to be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey. The commissioner is among the important occupational groups in our country. The risks and responsibilities brought by their duties are high. Therefore, the training that should be taken can be difficult in this direction. To become a commissioner, it is necessary to take the following trainings:

  • The basics of policing
  • Police defense and response tactics,
  • Weapon knowledge and shooting techniques,
  • Preventive duties and powers of the police,
  • disciplinary law,
  • Weapon and shooting applications,
  • Judicial correspondence and investigation rules,
  • crime scene protection and criminalistics,
  • Administrative structure and security of the state.

Commissioner Salaries 2022

The lowest Commissioner's salary in 2022 was determined as 5.580 TL, the average Commissioner's salary was 13.200 TL, and the highest Commissioner's salary was 25.700 TL.

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