TÜMOSAN Continues on Its Way as a Supporter of Domestic and National Agriculture

TUMOSAN continues on its way as a supporter of local and national agriculture
TÜMOSAN Continues on Its Way as a Supporter of Domestic and National Agriculture

TÜMOSAN participated in the 18th Konya Agriculture Fair, which could not be held for two years due to the pandemic, and which is shown among the biggest fairs in Turkey and among the few in the world, with both agricultural machinery and R&D stand.

Regarding the fair where 20 companies from 461 countries will participate, TÜMOSAN General Manager Halim TOSUN stated that they will show the effect of domestic and national power again and said, “At the 18th International Agriculture, Agricultural Mechanization and Field Technologies Fair, which is important for us and where we feel at home; As TÜMOSAN, we are exhibiting our products and works that bear the signature of XNUMX% Turkish Engineering with our tractor, agricultural equipment and R&D stand.”

“81 Premium Launch”

Launching the 81 Premium Series, TÜMOSAN offered its products to farmers with its 81.100 (95 HP) and 81.110 (105 HP) models. Halim TOSUN, who gives information about the product

With TÜMOSAN engine 95 and 105 HP engine power options and TÜMOSAN transmission with 16 forward – 16 reverse Hi-Lo gear options, 81 Premium Series also offer solutions that facilitate the use of farmers with the PowerShuttle offered as standard and the hand clutch that allows gear change via the gear lever. 4000 kg. 6 Premium Series, which has a lifting capacity, 81 hydraulic outputs and an electronic drawbar control system together with the hydraulic middle arm offered as standard, is ready to meet with the farmers with its highly equipped 4wd and cabin air-conditioned model options.” said.

“Traditional Line, High Equipment”

We added 4 (8000 HP) and 8100 (3 HP) 8065-cylinder models to the 65 and 8170 series family of Halim TOSUN, which has been meeting with farmers for many years as a 65-cylinder. We continue to increase our product range to meet every need of farmers with 3-cylinder model options with classical and modern designs. We are exhibiting the 8000 (8005 HP) model of the 105 series, the indispensable classic of the fields, with new cabins and equipment, which we launched at the end of last year in line with the demands of the manufacturers. In response to the farmers' interest in tractor models with classical designs, we continue to bring together traditional lines and high equipment. "said.

Garden Friendly 52L Series

In recent years, market expectations have brought a new breath to the garden group products, with the focus on tractor models with 4-cylinder engines, by including the 52L series in TÜMOSAN Garden group product range. The 52L series powerful and efficient TÜMOSAN engine was offered to farmers with its 3 and 4 cylinder options. TÜMOSAN's new 4-cylinder garden group 52L Series tractor models took their place at the fair.

R&D Attack in Konya

In addition to its technological and user-friendly product development studies in the agricultural sector, TÜMOSAN continues to develop projects with the aim of increasing the localization rate of the products in question and nationalizing the products effectively, with the current technological infrastructure, primarily sub-systems, for military and civilian platforms. .

TÜMOSAN, which has created a separate stand for the 18th Konya Fair, where R&D studies will also be exhibited this year; the S8000 Marine Engine, which was successfully mass produced, TMSN 7.5 and TMSN 5.4 diesel engines, Tractor Electronic Control Units, the Aircraft Stopping System signed and delivered between the Presidency of Defense Industry and SDT Space and Defense Technologies, and a forklift with a lifting capacity of 3,5 tons. exhibits at the stand.

Domestic and National Technology is at the Focus of Our Business

TÜMOSAN General Manager Halim TOSUN stated that they are working hard to reflect the technological infrastructure required by the age to the current product range, and said, “Our New Generation Tractor Development Projects, Conventional - Hybrid and Electric Platforms, New Generation Engine and Transmission Projects are examples of our work. We always focus on domestic and national technology. Behind every product, there is the skill of Turkish engineers, the contribution of domestic technology and at the same time the effective use of this technology.”

Collaborations Contributing to National Defense

Stating that they are currently producing Stage III-A diesel engines from 48 horsepower to 125 horsepower, Halim TOSUN said, “Our 300- and 3-cylinder engines are used in the market, which we have mentioned about 4 thousand. At this stage, we also have new generation 4 and 6 cylinder internal combustion engines as the fruit of our R&D studies, we can produce internal combustion engines up to 530 horsepower. Our cooperation with our Presidency of Defense Industry, Ministry of Industry and Technology and various public institutions continues. At the same time, we will supply a 6-cylinder engine for the Special Purpose Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicles (OMTTZA) project of the Presidency of Defense Industry, this means that for the first time, a domestic and national engine will enter the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces. " said.

Domestic Forklift from TÜMOSAN

Halim TOSUN, who also gave information about domestic forklift projects, said, "TÜMOSAN's original forklift work, which it started in 2017, has a high localization rate compared to existing forklifts in the market, has TÜMOSAN engineering, design, production and brand quality, can meet the needs of the customer, and has low maintenance and operating costs, It aimed for a product family that offers an ergonomic and comfortable working environment, is easy to maintain and maintains, incorporates the latest technological subsystems, is open to technological development, offers a widespread service network and product support program, and qualification tests have been completed with the prototypes created.

He also stated that the studies initially focused on the 3,5 tons and 5 tons levels and that the related models are planned to go into mass production in 2022.

New Demands Will Be Taken on Aircraft Arresting System Engines

Reminding that there are many ongoing and completed projects, Halim TOSUN concluded his words as follows; “As part of the Aircraft Stopper Systems (Fixed Hook, Network Barrier and Mobile UDS) Project signed between the Presidency of Defense Industries and SDT Space and Defense Technologies, as TÜMOSAN, we have successfully produced and delivered the Rewind Motors of the Aircraft Stoppers. In 2022, we rolled up our sleeves to meet new demands.”

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