TOSFED Mobile Training Simulator is on the Road

TOSFED Mobile Training Simulator is on the Road
TOSFED Mobile Training Simulator is on the Road

📩 20/05/2022 16:30

Turkish Automobile Sports Federation (TOSFED) launched the Mobile Training Simulator project, which it developed to discover talents among primary school students aged 7-11, promote automobile sports and strengthen the infrastructure of sports.

Mobile Education Simulator, which is one of the 146 projects included in the support program among 850 projects presented by 10 member countries of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), will reach approximately 40 children in 16.000 different cities of Anatolia. Participants experience karting at TOSFED Körfez Track, which was animated for the project, with simulators specially designed for children by Apex Racing, the technology sponsor of the project.

It is planned that the most talented athlete candidates, who will be determined at the end of the project, which will start from Ankara and will travel around Anatolia, which will last for about six months, are given racing training with high-level simulators, and that these athletes will compete in digital tournaments and a team will be formed, especially for the karting branch, among the most successful names to be determined.

Making a statement about the project, TOSFED Deputy Chairman Nisa Ersoy; “Thanks to the Mobile Education Simulator, we will support talented children with advanced training and include them in our infrastructure works. After the training of our successful children, we will form a team and enable these athlete candidates to participate in karting races. With this project, we aim to tour Anatolia to promote our sport, to provide opportunities for new talents to represent our country abroad in the near future, and to train young athletes for international platforms.” she commented.

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