Soil Love Grows in İZELMAN Kindergartens

Soil Love Grows in IZELMAN Kindergartens
Soil Love Grows in İZELMAN Kindergartens

With the agricultural workshop established in the EVKA-4 branch of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İZELMAN Kindergartens, students both closely monitor the development of fruits and vegetables and are involved in the production process.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which sets an example for Turkey with its agricultural projects, instills the love of soil from childhood. Students are included in the production process with the agricultural workshop realized in Bornova EVKA – 4 Yeşiltepe Nursery and Kindergarten Education Center of İZELMAN Kindergartens.

Students, who learn how Anatolia's seeds should be protected and how important production is for life, through the applied courses they attend at the Can Yücel Seed Center, apply the knowledge they have learned at the center in the garden of their school. Little students experience the joy of growing products such as potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, parsley and dill with their hands. In the school, where the students are integrated with the soil every day, the children witness the growth and coming to the table of the products they know from daily life.

They learned the importance of producing

Nesrin Derya Yiğit, Manager of İZELMAN Kindergartens Bornova EVKA – 4 Yeşiltepe Nursery and Kindergarten Education Center, said that children's observation skills improved by witnessing the upbringing process, and said, “We wanted to emphasize the importance of ancestral seeds in our school. Our biggest goal was for our children to learn agriculture by doing and seeing. Our children not only witness the growth stages of the products consumed on our table, but also apply the process of turning these products back into seeds after they are consumed in our garden. We planted our vegetables and our students come and look almost every day and they are very excited to see if the flowers have bloomed or grown. They learned that it is important to produce by living.”

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