Government Ends Rent Limit Shock to Landlords!

Government Puts It's Final Point on Rent Limits to Landlords
Government Ends Rent Limit Shock to Landlords!

A very important decision came from the Netherlands, as the housing sector is having problems in the global arena. The Dutch government will intervene in the free market rental prices in order to protect the middle income groups against the rapidly increasing house rents due to the housing shortage. Landlords will not be able to rent their homes at exorbitant prices above the value set by the government.

According to the statement made by Hugo de Jonge, Minister of Mass Housing and Spatial Planning, rents up to 1250 euros per month will be protected from the "supply-demand game" with the new regulation.

According to the new plan, a scoring system will be introduced for houses in the free market, such as social housing rented by municipalities to lower income groups, whose rent is up to 763 euros.

Scoring will be made according to certain features such as the size of the houses and the number of rooms, and a rent value between 1000 and 1250 euros will be determined according to the highest score for the houses rented in the free market, except for social housing.

According to Minister de Jonge, these systems will protect about 90 percent of rental properties, and landlords will no longer be allowed to set the amount of rent at their own discretion.

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