The Capital of Green Campaign attracts great attention from domestic and foreign countries

The Capital of the Green Campaign attracts great attention from domestic and abroad
The Capital of Green Campaign attracts great attention from domestic and foreign countries

The “Green Capital” project, implemented by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş in 2021 to transform Ankara into an environmentally friendly city, attracts great attention from abroad as well as from the country.

More than 200 volunteer environmentalists, among them from the Netherlands and Istanbul, supported the campaign and planted saplings in the Batıkent Planting Area.

Citizens from other provinces and even abroad show great interest in the "Capital of the Green" campaign, initiated by Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş to increase the number of green areas in the city and create commemorative forests.

While the members of the Istanbul Youth Platform came to Ankara to support the campaign, more than 200 volunteer environmentalists from the Netherlands and various provinces brought the saplings together with the soil in the Batıkent Planting Area.


Volunteer environmentalists, who supported the project by purchasing saplings, planted 919 saplings for the project, which aims to raise generations sensitive to nature and the environment for a greener Ankara.

Head of Istanbul Youth Platform, Doğa Can Coşar, stated that they are happy to support the 'Capital of Green' project as a community of young people from every region of Turkey, representing 132 high schools and 30 different universities, and said:

“As part of the Youth Week, we wanted to travel from Istanbul to Ankara, as our Ata did, and we wanted to leave a mark here as well. Thanks to the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Mr. Mansur Yavaş, we are bringing 919 saplings to the soil. As the young people coming from Istanbul, we will take root like the saplings we bring together with the soil here, and we will take care of our country and our father's trust."

Gülşah Yudu, who came to Ankara from the Netherlands to support the "Green Capital" project with 38 saplings she planted, expressed her thoughts with the following words:

“I sincerely sent an e-mail to our President Mansur 3 months ago and said that I wanted to work to green and beautify Ankara and that I was volunteering. Thankfully, they responded. We were invited to a tree planting event here today. I would like to thank our President Mansur and the employees of the Metropolitan Municipality. I wish a better, greener Ankara.”

Saplings will be a breath of fresh air to the capital city

Stating that he is proud to participate in the project initiated by Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, Istanbul Commerce University Student Arda Özel said, “We first visited Anıtkabir in Ankara. It was a very emotional start. We are currently involved in a very meaningful project. There is excitement, there is happiness”, while Notre-Dame de Sion High School Student Ekin Aşçı said, “We are very excited. It's my second time to Ankara. I see great hope among the young people here” and drew attention to the importance of the campaign.

Citizens who want to support the campaign that will leave a greener and more breathing city for future generations in Ankara can order saplings in their own name or in the name of the person they want to gift them with a credit card at “”.

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