TEKNOFEST Azerbaijan Hosts Technology Enthusiasts

TEKNOFEST Azerbaijan Welcomes Technology Enthusiasts
TEKNOFEST Azerbaijan Hosts Technology Enthusiasts

TEKNOFEST, the world's largest Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, is being held internationally in Azerbaijan for the first time outside of Turkey. TEKNOFEST Azerbaijan, held on May 26-29 at Baku Crystal Hall and Denizkenari National Park, welcomes technology enthusiasts.

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank addressed the youth in his speech and said, “Azerbaijan TEKNOFEST will be a touchstone in the technology adventure of our fellow citizens.” said.

“TEKNOFEST Azerbaijan” held in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, under the management of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Technology, Azerbaijan Ministry of Digital Development and Transport and the Turkish Technology Team Foundation opened its doors.

The opening of the festival was held with the participation of Mustafa Varank, Minister of Industry and Technology, Reşat Nebiyev, Minister of Digital Development and Transport of Azerbaijan, İsmail Demir, President of Presidency of Defense Industry, and Selçuk Bayraktar, Chairman of TEKNOFEST.


Speaking at the opening of the event, Varank stated that he was very happy to be in Azerbaijan and said, “We first lit the fire of TEKNOFEST in Istanbul, then we carried it to Anatolia. Last year, when our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, lit the flare saying 'We will make TEKNOFEST an international brand', our first stop would of course be Azerbaijan. I would like to proudly state that the flare fired by our President that day has turned into a feast here today. Today, I experience the same excitement, enthusiasm and happiness that I experience every year when I enter the TEKNOFEST area. Today, I am happy not only for Turkey but also for brother Azerbaijan, I am happy for the Turkish world, I am happy for the Islamic world." used the phrases.

Pointing out that the two brotherly countries lit the technology torch hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, Varank emphasized that the enthusiasm of this fire will engulf the Turkish world.


Addressing the young people in his speech, Varank said, “The young people accompanying this moment today will be engineers, scientists and researchers who will shape the world tomorrow. If I could be in your place, I would sleep here, get up here. I would examine each plane, each vehicle, each technology one by one, and take notes. Yes, if necessary, I would not go home, I would sleep here. It is such a great opportunity to be in this field. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Honorable President Ilham Aliyev, the Government of Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport, the Turkish Technology Team Foundation and all my colleagues for making Teknofest Azerbaijan possible.” said.


Noting that they have set a goal for Turkey under the leadership of President Erdogan, Varank said, “We said that the name of our independence story is: National Technology Move. Look, 10-15 years ago, some countries were not selling defense industry products, UAVs, SİHAs to us even with our money. They were applying all kinds of embargo, secret or open. On occasion, they did not even repair or maintain the products they sell. While Turkey was fighting against terrorism, they deprived us of those technologies and products. But with the National Technology Move, we reversed this. The Turkish nation, which they did not sell UAVs that day, has today become the producer of the most perfect technologies of its time. Today, those countries are waiting in line to buy the Turkish-made engineering marvels you see in this square.” made its assessment.


Underlining that there is nothing that young people cannot achieve when given the opportunity and shown the way, Varank said, “This is why TEKNOFEST is the best investment made for people. Hundreds of thousands of our children experience this enthusiasm every year at the festival we have been organizing in Turkey since 2018. Our festival continues on its way by breaking its own record every year. Hopefully, Azerbaijan TEKNOFEST will be a touchstone in the technology adventure of our fellow citizens. In the first year of Azerbaijan TEKNOFEST, over 1000 teams and nearly 6 competitors applied to the competitions.” said.


Stating that the way to be fully independent in the political sense is through technological independence, Varank said, “We are not just holding a festival in Baku. Today, we are once again shouting our independence, one nation, two states slogan to the whole world from here. With TEKNOFEST, where the seeds of domestic and national technologies are planted and which opens the horizons of our youth, we carry the two victorious states to the future in the strongest way.” he said.


Reşat Nebiyev, Minister of Digital Development and Transport of Azerbaijan, said that he is confident that the young people in TEKNOFEST Azerbaijan will continue the victory of Karabakh with technology and innovations. kazanwill ache. We think all participants are winners.” said.


Providing information about other events within the scope of TEKNOFEST, Nebiyev said, “The residents of our city and our guests will have a feast for 4 days. TEKNOFEST is the victory of science, technology and brotherhood. Long live the Azerbaijan-Turkey brotherhood.” used the phrases.


TEKNOFEST Chairman of the Board Selçuk Bayraktar said, “When we were opening TEKNOFEST to the world, the first place we would come to was, of course, Baku, our brother's house. We are organizing TEKNOFEST so that the dreams of our children and young people have no limits and no obstacles are placed in their way. TEKNOFEST, which we started with 2018 competitions in 18, has reached 40 competitions today. We believe that TEKNOFEST, which started with 10 competitions and the Take Off Initiative Summit, will gradually grow with the interest of my young brothers in Azerbaijan. On this occasion, Turkish henchmen will show the whole world what they can achieve thanks to their perseverance.” he said.


Visiting the stands after the opening speeches, Varank said that they wanted to establish similar technoparks in Turkey in Azerbaijan. Varank also stated that they will sign agreements that will contribute to the strengthening of economic relations between the two countries.


Within the scope of the festival, Turkish Air Force aerobatic team Turkish Stars and Atak helicopters performed a demonstration flight over Baku skies. A local music show was also held in TEKNOFEST Azerbaijan, where citizens and students showed great interest.


1000 thousand competitors, 5 teams in total, applied to the competitions organized within the scope of TEKNOFEST Azerbaijan. More than 1000 of the 250 teams that applied made it to the finals.


32 countries, mainly Germany, the United States of America, Ireland, Pakistan, Egypt, Argentina, Turkey, Azerbaijan and European countries, participated in Take Off Baku, the initiative summit to be held in Baku Crystal Hall as part of TEKNOFEST Azerbaijan.


TEKNOFEST Azerbaijan will host the Presidents of the two states on Saturday, May 28. The teams that come first in the competitions will receive their awards from the hands of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.

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