'Safe Driving and Traffic Rules' Training for EGO Drivers

Safe Driving and Traffic Rules Training for EGO Drivers
'Safe Driving and Traffic Rules' Training for EGO Drivers

EGO General Directorate provides training on "Safe Driving and Traffic Rules" to a total of 2 thousand 594 bus drivers, including newly recruited female drivers.

EGO General Directorate drivers, who started a training attack in line with the goal of quality service in transportation; It equips you with theoretical knowledge from A to Z, from life safety to communication with passengers and stress management, from traffic rules to accident causes.

Continuing to bring the citizens of the capital city together with modern buses, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality also focuses on training activities in order to increase the service quality and comfort in public transportation.

EGO General Directorate has started to provide "Safe Driving and Traffic Rules" training to a total of 2 thousand 594 bus drivers, including female drivers who have just started to work.


Under the coordination of the Service Improvement and Institutional Development Department, the trainings held at the Macunköy Bus Operation 2nd Regional Directorate campus in cooperation with the Human Resources and Training Department, the Bus Operations Department, the Union of Municipalities of Turkey Municipal Academy and the Ankara Driving Academy will continue until 27 June 2022.

EGO General Directorate, which renews its bus fleet day by day in the capital, aims to update the information of the drivers within it with the training attack it started and to enable the citizens to travel in a safer and higher quality.


While providing important information about the protection of life and property safety to the drivers by expert trainer Sinan Çetin, EGO Deputy General Manager Zafer Tekbudak pointed out the importance of complying with traffic rules as well as ensuring life safety in public transportation in the Capital.

“We are trying to train our drivers in the best possible way in order to provide better service to our citizens. Of course, we also see that our drivers need training and we want to make up for their deficiencies. Our trainings will last for 24 days and we will have completed the training of 2 thousand 594 drivers in total. I hope that at the end of these trainings, we will reach the point where we will provide better quality service to the people of Ankara. We always say that our drivers work in difficult conditions, so it is our wish that our citizens will approach our drivers with more love and compassion.”

To EGO drivers, especially the general traffic situation and operation in Turkey; Technical issues such as 12 essential flaws, safe driving techniques, accident causes, escape possibilities, speed limit, seat belt use, traffic sign reading method, right-of-way superiority, crisis management, steering control, communication with passengers and stress management, parking, sitting positions training is provided.

EGO drivers, who refreshed their theoretical knowledge from A to Z and learned new information by participating in the trainings that will continue for 153 days in order to increase the satisfaction of the citizens and to minimize the complaints received through Başkent 24, expressed their thoughts with the following words:

Zekeriya Gundogdu: “Training like this is a must. I think that the drivers working in other public transportation vehicles should also receive training.”

Cigdem Kadakoglu: “I started working as an EGO driver 9 months ago. I work in the ring line. I adapted quickly. I had some fears before, but here I went even further. I think it is a useful tutorial. As women, we are more careful and try to do our best. In these trainings, details that we did not know were also taught.”

Tamer Eflatun: “I am very old in the institution and we think we are experienced in this field, but we learn things we do not know from our teacher. We got very important information.”

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