Rise in GAU Token Exceeds 24% in 148 Hours

GAU Token Ascend Percent In Hours Of Rise
Rise in GAU Token Exceeds 24% in 148 Hours

The functional token Gamer Arena Utility Token (GAU), which uses the ERC-20 protocol on the Ethereum blockchain, has been on the rise as expected after it was announced that it will be listed on SushiSwap, as tests have begun for it to work on the Avalanche network. 24% value in 148 hours kazanThe moment GAU Token is accessible on the cryptocurrency exchange ICRYPEX.

The news about cryptocurrencies and the announcements made by the developers show their effect on the prices in a short time. The latest development in this regard came from the Gamer Arena GAU Token front, which took the competition on gaming platforms to the next level. On the Ethereum blockchain, the GAU Token, which uses the ERC-20 protocol, has skyrocketed after the announcement that testing has begun for its operation on the Avalanche network and will soon be listed on the decentralized finance platform SushiSwap. Within 24 hours, GAU Token unit prices, which increased by 148% in line with the expectations, reached the level of 0,1910. Cryptocurrency, which has recently attracted great interest from investors, was listed on the domestic cryptocurrency exchange ICRYPEX for the first time in Turkey.

Sharing the developments on the subject, ICRYPEX CEO Gökalp İçer said, “As ICRYPEX, we closely follow the global trends and developments regarding active tokens in the crypto ecosystem. In this context, we have made the Gamer Arena Utility Token, which is followed closely by the gaming world, for the use of Turkish crypto investors, as it is a functional, that is, “utility token”. With the latest news, GAU Token prices have seen a remarkable increase.”

With the cooperation of ATARI, it attracted the attention of global funds.

GAU Token offers players money in next-generation competitive digital games by pitting rivals of similar qualifications against each other in an online arena. kazanIt was developed as the currency of Gamer Arena, the competitive gaming platform that offers the opportunity to play and prove themselves. Pointing out that GAU Token, which also offers users the opportunity to participate in many events and participate in various social responsibility projects, is closely followed by Turkish crypto money investors, Gökalp İçer said, “At the beginning of this year, GAU Token, which announced its first global agreement in cooperation with the video game manufacturer ATARI, launched the ICRYPEX It was sold out within 3 minutes on sale. GAU Token's audience is also growing with the work of Gamer Arena, where we progress together in technological cooperation. The cryptocurrency, which has been announced to be tested to work on the Avalanche network, is expected to be listed on the decentralized finance platform SushiSwap very soon. These developments increased GAU Token prices by 24% in 148 hours. GAU Token, which is planned to expand its global cooperation, also attracts the attention of global funds.

“GAU Token can be traded 7 hours a day, 24 days a week”

Emphasizing that GAU Token can be bought and bought 7/24 via ICRYPEX, ICRYPEX CEO Gökalp İçer concluded his evaluations with the following statements: “Owning a GAU Token means having a say in all the works to be planned by Gamer Arena and ICRYPEX. Also, using this functional token, investors join the community of an esports platform that has been active since March 2020. Users of the ICRYPEX Cryptocurrency Exchange can easily and securely perform GAU Token transactions using the Turkish lira. As ICRYPEX, SUN, JST and BTT tokens, recently owned by Tron founder Justin Sun, is the most popular among the metaverse tokens. kazanWe presented SAND, which stands out as one of the three contributors, to crypto investors in Turkey. We will continue to diversify investment tools and determine our strategies according to developments in the crypto ecosystem.”

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