Pandemic Increases Complaints of Bruising Under Detention

Pandemic Raises Complaints of Detention Bruises
Pandemic Increases Complaints of Bruising Under Detention

In addition to genetic factors, complaints about aging, excessive stress, unhealthy diet and bruises due to insomnia have increased with the pandemic. Experts state that with the latest treatment methods with advanced technologies, even purple circles caused by genetics may become a thing of the past. The treatment can create more permanent results in those who avoid stress and adopt a healthy diet and regular sleep style.

Scientific research shows that anxiety, worry and stress open the door to various skin problems. The model of working from home, which has become increasingly common with the pandemic, has increased the complaints of bruises in detention due to the increase in the time spent in front of the computer and the increase in stress level. In addition to genetic factors, insomnia, excessive stress, irregular diet and aging, triggered bruises have turned into a nightmare for those working from home.

Stating that long-term computer use causes edema under custody and manifests itself as purple circles, Dermatology Specialist Dr. Hande National said, “Under-eye bruises should not be considered only as a skin problem. As a symptom, this problem may indicate that the body is badly affected by genetic and environmental factors, and allergic reactions such as hay fever, rhinitis and conjunctivitis. Purple circles can also occur as a genetic condition. Purple circles can be temporarily covered with cosmetic products, but ignoring these symptoms is inconvenient for holistic health!” said.

Even genetic bruises can be treated

Although the main reason for bruises under the eyes is shown to be advancing age, it can be seen at any age with the effect of genetic and environmental factors. Noting that in addition to unhealthy diet, deficiencies such as protein, iron and vitamin C predispose to the formation of purple circles, Hande National made the following assessment regarding the treatment process: “In the first place, nutrition and sleep patterns need to be reviewed. Adopting a healthy diet and regulating sleep are the first steps of treatment. Then, by using the power of advanced technologies, it is possible to treat bruises under custody with long-lasting effective results. With the newest treatment methods such as eyelite, even genetic bruises can be treated now.”

Lazy veins are aroused

Pointing out that the eyelite treatment accelerates the blood circulation in the region by activating the lazy veins that cause bruises under the eyes, Dermatology Specialist Dr. Hande National said, “This treatment method, which is applied in 7 sessions once a week, enables new capillaries to be knitted in the region. The number of sessions may increase depending on the size and resistance of the bruise. When stress, unhealthy diet, insomnia, excessive alcohol and cigarette consumption, which cause the formation of purple circles, are avoided, the treatment gives more permanent results.

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