Former Model New Singer Who is Tuğba Altıntop, How Old is She and Where Is She From?

Former Model New Singer Who Is Tugba Altintop How Old And Where From
Former Model New Singer Who is Tuğba Altıntop, How old is she and Where is she from?

📩 18/05/2022 10:55

The return of Tuğba Altıntop, the mother of Rafet El Roman's children, was magnificent. Altintop's change, which became the agenda after a long time, became the social media agenda. Former model and new singer Tuğba Altıntop said that she also winked at acting with her recent sharing. Altıntop 'We started acting classes with my very valuable teacher Murat Şenol. He's a great acting coach, he's very talented as well as a very nice person. I hope I don't make you black,' he announced with the note. Tuğba Altıntop interpreted Onurcan Özcan's last composition, 'Hüzün Hoşgeldin', who died in a boat accident two years ago.

Who is Tugba Altintop, How old is she and where is she from?

Tuğba Altıntop was born on December 15, 1976 in Adana. After high school, he studied graphic design. She was selected as Miss Turkey in 1996. In the same year, she married Rafet El Roman. They had two daughters named Su Elnur and Şevval Su from this marriage. Their marriage to Rafet El Roman ended in 2003. In addition to modeling and modeling, she took part in the 1995 comedy TV movie Zampara Seyfettin with some TV series.

Altıntop started his music career in 2007 with the album "Saying to You". The album included compositions by names such as Murat Güneş, Güven Baran, Aydın Sarman and Hüseyin Bitmez. He also included the song "Ağıt", which Altıntop wrote the lyrics himself and composed the music with Aydın Sarman. He shot a clip for the song "Urfa Sana Ağlar" in the album. In 2013, after a 6-year hiatus, he returned to music with the single "Yana Yakıla". Many remixes were arranged for the song and it reached the audience. The singer, who will release her new album La La in April 2016, worked with names such as Serdar Ortaç, Ozan Doğulu and Ayşen on the album. Altıntop completed the music videos for the song "La La", which gave the album its name.

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