NFT Meets Ebru Art

NFT Meets with the Art of Ebru
NFT Meets Ebru Art

The meeting of yesterday and today, traditional and modern begins at Taksim Art. 'Cryptomarbles', which integrates the art of marbling with NFT (Digital Art), opens its doors to its visitors on May 31st. Taksim Sanat, a culture and art stop located inside the Taksim Metro, is preparing to host Ecem Dilan Köse's NFT exhibition called 'Cryptomarbles'. 'Cryptomarbles', emphasizing the similarity of algorithms used in generative art with patterns in nature such as formation, dispersal, and merging; It consists of 10 digital arts, 1 AR and 1 interactive work. The works in the exhibition are brought together with collectors through NFT. The exhibition, which will be opened to visitors on May 31, can be visited free of charge until June 19.

Organized with the cooperation of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Culture Department and Kültür AŞ, 'Cryptomarbles' explains that the development of the digital world is not disconnected from nature. He also touches upon the similarities between the art of marbling and the productive art.

The artist Ecem Dilan Köse, who examines holistic existence through water, presented 'NFT' within the scope of the exhibition. SohbetInterviews will also be held under the heading 'Next'. In the talk program, Selçuk Artut, Garip Ay, Derya Yücel, Hakan Yılmaz, Begüm Güney and Meriç Aktaş Ateş will share their thoughts on art and the exhibition with the participants.


Born in Ankara in 1990, Ecem Dilan Köse is a conceptual artist from the architectural discipline. He is referred to as a digital artist in terms of production techniques. He uses techniques such as coding, augmented reality, VR, artificial intelligence/machine learning in his work productions to provide method-content relationship with his conceptual narratives.

Corner; He exhibited his works in many countries such as the USA, Russia, South Korea and England. He exhibited his digital audio integrated works live at many festivals and presented them to the audience.


Generative art is created by mathematical algorithms written by the artist. Here, the role of the artist is to construct an autonomous system and define the algorithms by which art is created. This process is similar in the art of Ebru. The system is set up as in the manufacturer's art until the first drop of paint touches the water. As soon as the paint meets the water, a composition is formed (in chaos) within the established system.

Cryptomarbles NFT Exhibition Talk Program

  • 3 June – 18.00 – Begüm Güney
  • 4 June – 14.00 – Meriç Aktaş Ateş
  • 15.00 – Selcuk Artut
  • 16.00 – Strange Moon
  • 6 June – 18.00 – Hakan Yılmaz
  • 8 June – 18.00 – Derya Yücel

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