New Generation Mirror in Mercedes-Benz Trucks

New Generation Mirror in Mercedes Benz Trucks
New Generation Mirror in Mercedes-Benz Trucks

The second generation of MirrorCam technology, which has replaced the side mirrors in Mercedes-Benz trucks, has begun to be offered to customers.

MirrorCam, which has 10 cm shorter camera arms compared to its previous generation, provides better support to vehicle drivers by offering a sharper, high-contrast image with reduced glare effects thanks to its new generation image processing software.

Alper Kurt, Marketing and Sales Director of Mercedes-Benz Türk Trucks, said, “The meetings between us and our umbrella company, Daimler Truck, with our customers and the experiences of our customers regarding their daily activities have formed a basis for us to further develop Mirrorcam. In this way, we offer our second generation MirrorCam system, which has been improved especially in terms of image and security, in our trucks.”

The MirrorCam system, which has been used in Mercedes-Benz trucks since 2018, has been extensively updated. Various innovation awards for the brand kazanThe second generation of MirrorCam has been used in Actros, Arocs and eActros series as of April 2022.

MirrorCam; instead of the usual mirrors in trucks, it consists of aerodynamically designed cameras mounted on both sides of the vehicle and 15,2-inch (38,6 cm) screens integrated into the A-pillars in the cabin. In addition, MirrorCam, which reduces air resistance with its aerodynamic design, provides fuel savings of up to 1.3 percent.

Mercedes-Benz Türk Truck Marketing and Sales Director Alper Kurt made the following statements regarding the innovations offered in the second generation of MirrorCam: “We continue to renew our products in line with market needs. The conversations we and our umbrella company Daimler Truck have with our customers and their experience in their daily activities have provided us with a basis for further development on Mirrorcam. In this way, we offer our MirrorCam system, which is even more advanced in terms of image and security, in our trucks.”

Shorter camera arms offer many advantages

The camera arms of the second-generation MirrorCam system have been shortened by 10 centimeters on each side. Compared to the first generation MirrorCam system, this feature helps drivers to back up with the vehicle in a straight line more easily. This update brings the viewing angle of the second generation MirrorCam even closer to the viewing angle characteristics of conventional mirrors. Another advantage of shortening the arms is that it reduces the likelihood of the camera arms hitting roadside objects, including in cabin models with a width of 2,5 meters.

Image quality has been improved

As part of the update, a drip edge has been added to the bottom of the MirrorCam system to prevent rainwater from reaching the camera lenses and causing unwanted visual effects. In addition, for the accurate display of a wide variety of color tones in an environment; The tone mapping feature has been further enhanced, which allows adapting an image and essentially producing an image with sharper contrast. Thanks to the improvement of the color and brightness adaptation of the camera system, which already offers an extremely bright image, a clearer image is provided, for example when backing up to a dark or poorly lit facility.

Higher safety and driver comfort

Thanks to the improvements made, the MirrorCam system can be used more efficiently. MirrorCam, which supports the driver in situations such as overtaking, manoeuvring, limited visibility, dark, cornering and passing through tight spaces, also helps the vehicle to be used much more safely.

Working with the MirrorCam system, the turn assist assists drivers, especially in complex traffic conditions and confusing intersections. System; In unexpected situations, such as when the driver does not notice a cyclist or pedestrian when turning right, the system intervenes within its limits and warns the driver as part of a multi-step process. The optionally available Active Side View Assist (ASA) system can activate the vehicle's automatic braking system up to a cornering speed of 20 km/h, when it is present in the vehicle. The system also performs visual warnings on the MirrorCam screen.

In the first generation of MirrorCam, the wide-angle view mode during reversing maneuvers with positive feedback, the display of distance lines on the screen to better evaluate the distance between the objects behind the vehicle and the vehicle in motion, the camera view moving according to the angle when cornering and the vehicle environment during breaks. features such as monitoring continue to be offered in the new generation MirrorCam.

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