Mediterranean Offroad Cup Starts in Osmaniye Kadirli

Mediterranean Offroad Cup Begins
Mediterranean Offroad Cup Begins

📩 06/05/2022 15:05

The first leg of the 2022 Mediterranean Offroad Cup will be held in Osmaniye Kadirli between 07-08 May. Organized by Kadirli Offroad Club (KADOFF), with the support of Kadirli District Governorate and Kadirli Municipality, the organization will provide unforgettable memories to both the spectators and the competitors.

The first race of the cup, which will take place with the participation of 23 vehicles and 46 athletes, will start with the administrative and technical controls to be held on Saturday, May 07, 2022. The teams will fight on the 08 kilometer long stage in Mezretli, starting from 11:00 on Sunday, 4.5 May.

In order to raise awareness about Femicide, the organization will end with the award ceremony at 3, after the stage that will be held 2021 times in memory of Azra Gülendam Haytaoğlu, who was murdered in 4 when she was a 18.00rd year student at Akdeniz University Faculty of Communication and shocked the country.

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