Marathon İzmir Mediated the Pursuit of Goodness

Marathon Izmir Mediated Running in Pursuit of Kindness
Marathon İzmir Mediated the Pursuit of Goodness

Within the scope of the Marathon İzmir, organized for the third time by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, nearly 4 million TL was collected in the donation campaign organized by Adım Adım. 678 people ran in pursuit of goodness in Marathon İzmir, and 18 donors supported these participants. Thus, the benevolent society ran kazanit's gone.

The amount of money collected in the donation campaign organized with the Step by Step within the scope of Marathon İzmir, which was organized for the third time on April 17 with the theme of "A sustainable world" by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, reached 4 million TL. A total of 678 thousand 18 people contributed to the donor civil society through 532 people chasing goodness in Marathon İzmir.

The Contemporary Life Support Association received the highest donation.

With the awareness-raising cooperation, donations were collected to 33 non-governmental organizations in total. While the Association for Supporting Contemporary Life was the non-governmental organization that received the most donations with 822 thousand 460 TL, the Turkish Education Foundation received 799 thousand 536 and TEMA Foundation 314 thousand 647 TL.

“Marathon İzmir mediated the pursuit of goodness”

Ertuğrul Tugay, Deputy Secretary General of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, who completed the 42-kilometer race by participating in Marathon İzmir for the third time, emphasized that İzmir now has a very important brand in every respect, and said, “Marathon İzmir, which is run with the goal of a waste-free marathon, on the one hand, reflects the sustainability theme of the United Nations. While supporting it, on the other hand, it mediated everyone's pursuit of goodness. I believe that the amount of donations collected at Marathon İzmir will increase exponentially every year.”

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