KuCoin Reference Code: QBSSSYXJ

kucoin referral code
kucoin referral code

KuCoin, which is the 5th crypto exchange with the highest daily trading volume, is among the first listed cryptocurrencies that are expected to rise. Due to the overvaluation of cryptocurrencies listed on KuCoin, investors also become members of the KuCoin exchange.

What is KuCoin Referral Code?

Users who want to register with KuCoin must first kucoin referral code is making a call. As in every cryptocurrency exchange, an average of 0.1% commission is taken from your purchases and sales on KuCoin. In other words, you will pay 10.000 USDT commission for a purchase and sale transaction worth 10 USDT. However, if you become a member with a referral code, you will pay 20% less commission on each transaction.

If you become a member with the reference code written above, you can define the highest commission discount that can be shared on KuCoin to your account and receive a lifetime 20% commission discount from buying and selling transactions. kazanof!

About KuCoin Exchange

Kucoin is a highly liquid cryptocurrency exchange that allows easy trading of a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. The product is also constantly new and evolving. It is also equipped with API capabilities that allow customizing the program. Kucoin is available as a cloud-based product that can be used directly from the web browser, on iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets. KuCoin launched in 2017, almost at the same time as binance.

Since then, KuCoin has continued to grow day by day. This is mainly for two reasons. The first is that KuCoin aims to encourage new signups by offering new users huge referral bonuses and free contests. Second, the exchange is constantly being updated to include numerous DeFi features.

KuCoin is adding all the main features available on larger exchanges day by day. Most of DeFi launched on KuCoin a little later than other major crypto platforms.

For example, while KuCoin offers a large number of NFT-based tokens, it does not have an NFT market. However, NFTs are perhaps the only area where KuCoin lags behind its competitors. It has pretty superior features everywhere else.

Who Can Use KuCoin?

Individual users and businesses can use this cryptocurrency exchange in a number of industries including investment, education, finance, software development, accounting, marketing and media production.

KuCoin Features

  • KCS: The exchange has its own native cryptocurrency called Kucoin Shares (KCS) and they provide daily incentives to the person to hold the money. It comes with lower trading and withdrawal fees than other currencies, and KCS holders are automatically entitled to special rewards and promotions. kazanIR.
  • High liquidity: The well-funded market has a high liquidity ratio, allowing for expedited transactions to process transactions quickly and easily.
  • Asset security management: Kucoin takes steps to ensure that investments stay safe. A team of security experts is assigned to review the account regularly to close any security vulnerabilities the seller encounters along the way. These services protect the portfolio and protect employees against digital identity theft and other cybercrime.
  • Customize: An advanced application programming interface (API) feature allows to tailor the system to needs.

How to Get KuCoin Welcome Bonus?

Users can access the KuCoin signup bonus very easily. QBSSSYXJ The referral code must be used and entered when first registering a KuCoin account. One thing to note is that each user can only use the promo code once. So when someone creates a KuCoin account for the first time, they can use this code. Eligible for discount as new users kazanrivers. Users who already have an account cannot benefit from the registration bonus.

Benefiting from the Step-by-Step Bonus

The following step-by-step guide will help new users find ways to claim the bonus.

  1. Users must first visit the KuCoin website and start the registration process. They can do this by clicking the sign up button.
  2. New users must fill in the relevant information to progress. It is very important to make sure that all information is correct.
  3. Next, new users will be prompted for the referral code. At this point, these users QBSSSYXJ You must enter the reference code.
  4. Due to increased regulations regarding exchanges, users are required to comply with KYC verification and AML verification requirements. To gain full access to the KuCoin platform, users must complete additional verification checks. This step is required to activate the account.
  5. The welcome bonus or referral rewards will be credited to their account if users have met all the requirements for the reward.
  6. Users can now start using the platform by joining the KuCoin referral program. By doing this, additional rewards and bonuses kazanthey will be able to.

KuCoin Pros

  • Excellent liquidity with high daily trading volumes
  • Simple user interface and trading platform
  • Low transaction fees
  • Lots of trading competitions to participate in
  • Margin and futures
  • Proprietary trading bots that provide 7/24 automated trading
  • Fee discounts for holders of KuCoin's native token KCS
  • Simple enough for beginners but also with enough features for more experienced traders and traders

KuCoin Cons

  • Training materials are not very in-depth
  • Withdrawal fees can be high in some cases
  • Customer support can be further improved

Is KuCoin Safe?

Although KuCoin is not regulated, this does not mean that it is evading its responsibilities to its customers. Eager to demonstrate its commitment to security, KuCoin has announced on its website its partnership with Onchain Custodian, which describes itself as 'an integrated custody and open financial service for corporate clients and accredited investors to manage assets in a secure, insured and compliant manner'.

By having a number of layers of security that includes industry standard encryption and multi-layered authentication, traders are assured that their funds are safe.

Is KuCoin Legal and Regulated?

KuCoin is a legitimate exchange that handles huge trading volumes and billions of dollars of capital every day. Founded in 2017 and in development since 2013, KuCoin's operating standards are on par with leading exchanges in the crypto market.

Its CEO and founder, Michael Gam, previously worked for Ant Financial (now Ant Group), a subsidiary of retail giant Alibaba and China's largest payment systems provider.

What Can Be Developed on KuCoin?

Not licensed in the USA

A customer support representative emphasized that the exchange only offers services for the countries listed on the Know Your Customer (KYC) page, stating that personal information must be filled in to help authorities combat illegal business and ID must be sent.

The United States has strict regulations for cryptocurrency exchanges and KuCoin is not licensed to operate in the states.

There are several risks here. First, there may be a risk of assets freezing if the US takes drastic action against people accessing unlicensed exchanges. Secondly, KuCoin does not offer the same support for unverified accounts in case of hacking, fraud or theft. For this reason, users in the USA should be careful.

Limited payment methods

KuCoin allows the purchase of cryptocurrency with fiat, but this must be done through a third-party app. Payment can be made by credit or debit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay or stable crypto money (usdt, usdc, etc.) transfer from other exchanges, but cannot be deposited by bank transfer.

Can be difficult for new users

Using KuCoin's site is not easy if one is new to cryptocurrency. However, live support sohbetIt is possible to get quick answers from

KuCoin has some educational resources, but it would be better to see a lot more, especially considering the number of cryptocurrencies that can be purchased. There is some information about the new cryptocurrencies but not much, so it may be necessary to use other sites for research.


KuCoin, like its counterparts Binance Okex, has grown a lot over the years since its inception and still competes with them head-to-head. The exchange offers almost everything the crypto industry has to offer when it comes to trading and investing in crypto assets.

When depositing, withdrawing, trading in the spot markets, trading in the futures market is tested and no problems are encountered.

The exchange is safe in many ways, so stealing user funds is quite difficult. KuCoin still remains one of the top exchanges in terms of volume and number of pairs listed.

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