Istanbul Airport Releases New Image Movie: 'The Magic Journey Begins Here'

Istanbul Airport Releases New Image Movie The Magic Journey Begins Here
Istanbul Airport Releases New Image Movie 'The Magic Journey Begins Here'

IGA Istanbul Airport, new image movie He published it with the message “The Magic Journey Begins Here”. The film is about the architectural and design features of Istanbul Airport that integrates with Istanbul, as well as the services it offers; It draws attention with its colorful images.

Combining the historical texture of Istanbul with the modern face of Istanbul Airport; The new image film, in which he conveys the architecture, attractive beauties, variety in services and the pleasure offered with colorful shots, went on the air. The image film, signed by Digimeb production company, is about the structure and features of IGA Istanbul Airport, reminiscent of Istanbul. Film; It conveys all the services offered by IGA Istanbul Airport, from food and beverage to accommodation, from shopping to culture and arts, through the eyes of its guests.

A group of friends in the movie; Influenced by the features of Istanbul Airport, she happily recalls her vacation memories in Istanbul before boarding the plane on her way back. The film, which contains many symbols unique to Istanbul, gives the message “Every moment you live at Istanbul Airport reminds you of the beautiful experiences in Istanbul”.

The film, which took 3 days to shoot and directed by Çağlar Mallı, started to be broadcast on the digital channels of IGA Istanbul Airport.

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