Huobi Reference Code: hynz322

huobi referral code
huobi referral code

The referral code is the code that provides the highest commission discount with 30% for your purchases and sales on the Huobi exchange. Just below the e-mail and password during the subscription. huobi reference code to the field” hynz3223 You can activate the code by typing ".

When registering via the Huobi mobile application, you can define the highest commission discount in your account by entering the code hynz3223 in the invitation code field. If you are going to register with Huobi via browser, when you click on the reference link, the reference code is added automatically.

About Huobi

Huobi Exchange is an online marketplace where different cryptocurrencies are bought and sold. Here, all buy and sell orders are combined and compared with each other according to the matching rules. Huobi is similar to the structure of other crypto exchanges in this respect.

Individual graphic analysis can be done with the graphic tool. Huobi offers a choice between its own charting tool and a TradingView tool. Especially beginners have an easy use of many functions in Huobi. Overall, Huobi is easy to use so that even newbies to the exchange can quickly execute their trades.

Is Huobi Exchange Popular?

Founded in 2013, Huobi is considered one of the world's first cryptocurrency exchanges. Originally developed only for the Chinese market, the company now continues with customers from 170 different countries. In 2017, they opened a corporate headquarters in South Korea and an office in Japan.

Huobi has been listed in Hong Kong since 2018. It opened a regulated crypto exchange in Malaysia in 2020. Huobi employs more than 1.300 people. Huobi offers a large number of cryptocurrencies and has also issued its own token. There is no deposit protection for cryptocurrencies in Huobi Wallet. However, according to the stock market, no major security risk has been encountered so far.

Huobi Services

Since Huobi is a legacy exchange, its team has developed quite a few services.

Huobi Services include:

  • Simplified buying and selling
  • P2P market
  • Spot, margin and futures
  • Trading bot to automate transactions
  • over-the-counter (OTC) brokerage
  • Staking and other ways to earn passive income
  • crypto loans
  • mining pools
  • crypto wallet
  • cloud service

How to Discount Huobi Transaction Fee Kazanwarm?

  • The fields on the sign up page must be filled. The person must register using their mobile number or email address. He must also enter the reference/invitation code hynz3223 to take advantage of the transaction fee discount while registering.
  • You can now start trading on Huobi. Each successful transaction will return 20% of the transaction fee to the person.
  • The discount will be refunded to the account at the end of the month. Account must be logged. Balances should be found on the main page and foreign currency account should be selected.

Huobi Deposit

Once registered and verified, the person can deposit funds into their account. To do this, the deposit button must be clicked on. The person will then be presented with three options: either deposit cryptocurrencies or US dollars directly, or purchase cryptocurrencies with a credit card. After a successful deposit, the person can start trading.

Performing Trade (buying – selling) Transactions

Huobi offers many cryptocurrency options. To trade with them, it is sufficient to deposit only the desired amount to trade. Cryptocurrencies are stored in the Huobi Wallet. One should never keep all crypto assets on the exchange to protect oneself from unauthorized access. That's why the huobi wallet is an essential tool.

Most of Huobi's assets are stored in cold wallets, that is, those that are not connected to the internet. However, it is important to store coins that are not actively traded in a special wallet.

Huobi offers the latest technological advances in security. In addition to authentication applications, it offers 2-factor authentication in the form of SMS messages.

The platform has an advanced security infrastructure that keeps 98% of customer assets offline in cold storage wallets. To access funds, users must go through the multi-signature protocol.

Security on Huobi

Security is a decisive criterion when choosing the right crypto exchange. It is often difficult to distinguish reputable exchanges from scammers, especially with the wide selection of exchanges on the Internet. Therefore, it is important what stage Huobi is at in this situation.

Huobi by Company

Huobi Global homepage is registered in Seychelles. For customers, Huobi is unfortunately not regulated by a financial supervisor. While an unregulated exchange is not automatically in a suspicious state, it lacks valuable protections and controls, so this should be taken into account as well.

deposit protection: Huobi does not offer its customers deposit protection and insurance protection for coins in wallet. According to its own information, the company uses anti DDOS protection systems and has not experienced any major security incidents since its establishment.

For this reason, it is a good alternative for a person to buy crypto money from this exchange and then transfer it to wallets.

Huobi App

Huobi offers its users an app for Android and iOS to trade cryptocurrencies on the go. Both download and use are completely free.

All important functions are available and easy to use, so Huobi's mobile app offers a good alternative to the desktop version.

Pros of Huobi

  • Hundreds of cryptocurrencies
  • Impressive platform interface
  • High-end cybersecurity system
  • good customer support

Cons of Huobi

  • Fiat does not directly support deposits and withdrawals. Transfers are possible with crypto money transfer or sending.
  • The verification process is not very fast.

Features of Huobi Exchange

Huobi is accessible on all major operating systems such as Mac, iOS, Windows and Android. It offers margin and futures trading, up to 5x leverage and 0,1% limit order, market order and stop limit order for Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Users can preview their trading volumes in real time as they arrive. If one is familiar with Binance's SAFU trust fund, Huobi's users can easily access the user hedge fund covering their assets and assets.

The platform also has an OTC (over-the-counter) desk with pool trading for institutional investors. The Smart Chain analysis feature provides users with valuable information on more than 50 trading indicators. If all that wasn't enough, Huobi also offers users the option to code trading bots through REST, an application programming interface that interacts with and integrates Huobi API keys and web services.

Huobi Accepted Payment Methods

Payment methods accepted at Huobi may differ depending on the customer's place of residence. Predominantly, deposits of cryptocurrencies and purchases by credit card are offered.

The definition of payment methods is accompanied by the creation of the fund password. It is also possible to create an alias here. This is a necessary stage when selling digital assets.

Huobi Customer service

Crypto exchange Huobi has 7/24 customer service. Questionnaires and support in English are available to staff around the clock, both by phone and online. Huobi has a fast turnaround time. Huobi also offers an extensive FAQ section.

Fees and Costs

Like most exchanges, Huobi charges transaction fees. The crypto exchange has a clear pricing model.

The regular fee on the Huobi exchange is 0,2 percent. Additionally, Huobi Token makes the exchange relatively cheap as it allows trading fees to be halved. In addition, some discounts are applied when registering with the hynz3223 invitation code. There are no other fees on Huobi. Both registration and account maintenance are free. You may be interested in the huobi commission rates article.

Evaluations and Conclusion

Huobi is a proven solution when it comes to crypto exchanges. This is why the exchange can convince above all due to its very wide selection of cryptocurrencies and also offers reliable customer service. However, the website is mostly in English which can make trading difficult. All of these should be taken into account.

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