Google's Translation App Included 24 More Languages

Google's Translation Application Included New Language in Its System
Google's Translation App Included 24 More Languages

Google's translation application Google Translate has added 24 new languages ​​to its system. The total number of languages ​​in the system increased to 133. In the statement made by Google, it was reported that 10 new languages, 24 of which are from Africa, have been added to the languages ​​that the application translates.

The African languages ​​newly added to the translation application are listed as follows:

“Ashante” spoken by 11 million people in Ghana, “Bambara” spoken by 14 million people in Mali, “Jeje” spoken by 7 million people in Ghana and Togo, “Krio” spoken by 4 million people in Sierra Leone, Uganda and “Luganda” spoken by 20 million people in Rwanda, “Oromo” spoken by 37 million people in Ethiopia and Kenya, “Lingala” spoken by 45 million people in Republic of Congo, Angola, South Sudan and Central African Republic, 14 “Sepedi” spoken by a million people, “Tigrinya” spoken by 8 million people in Eritrea and Ethiopia and “Tsongo” spoken by 7 million people in Esvatini, Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Other 14 languages ​​added include the Sorani dialect of Kurdish, as well as languages ​​from India, Latin America and the Philippines.

Accordingly, the number of languages ​​Google Translate serves has increased to 133.

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