Good Practices of Sustainability EGİAD 'in

Good Practices of Sustainability at EGIAD
Good Practices of Sustainability EGİAD 'in

EGİAD To contribute to the creation of environment, energy, energy efficiency and climate change policies that concern the sustainability of its members, to establish necessary cooperations on these issues and to increase awareness. EGİAD The Sustainability Good Practices event organized by the Association was held at the headquarters of the association.

EGİAD The event, where its members presented examples of good practices, started with the opening speech of Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The 1st Session of the event, which took place in two sessions, was “Employees and Governance”; moderator EGİAD Kaan Özhelvacı, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors; The speakers were İnci Holding Secretary General – Sustainability, Ethics, Corporate Governance Officer Filiz Morova İneler, Dikkan Group Human Resources Director T. Award Ceylan. Session 2 is under the title of “Production, Operation and Environment”. EGİAD It was moderated by Müge Şahin, Member of the Board of Directors. The speakers were BTM Yalıtım R&D Manager Nur Çakı and Güres Group Board Member Mustafa Güres.

Expressing their actions to increase the awareness and impact of the business world on sustainable development, EGİAD Chairman of the Board of Directors Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer emphasized that they aim to help businesses maximize their potential and set an example for other businesses in line with the principles of sustainable development. Noting that a list of good practices in the field of sustainable business can be drawn up in line with the knowledge and experience gained in this way and that it is aimed to provide information to all relevant parties, Yelkenbiçer said, “By following these good practices; You will be able to significantly improve your work and projects. EGİAD, aiming to increase the awareness and knowledge level of its members on sustainability and to encourage their practices in their workplaces, accelerated its work on this subject. EGİAD The business world adopts a holistic sustainability approach that focuses on balancing the needs of human life with the sustainability of natural resources. Sustainability of our business world; interprets it as the development of economic, social and environmental capital in a balance and attaches importance to developing sustainability practices in this direction. Sustainable development, which is also described as an effective growth strategy for the business world, offers a wide range of opportunities to make a difference in competition by focusing on sustainability in innovation. The concept of sustainable development will continue to occupy an important place in the agenda of international organizations, business world, governments and civil society. EGİADIt will always be a follower of the issue by being among the rare non-governmental organizations that have reflected the United Nations Global Compact in its statutes.”

Reminding that they have prepared the association for the period with green transformation and digitalization transformation by closely following all the developments in the world, Yelkenbiçer said, “As a result of this, the area we will reach will be social transformation. We wanted to tell our members about the United Nations sustainable development goals that we added to our charter at our last general assembly. Afterwards, we elaborated the 10 principles of global compact, of which we are a signatory and one of the first signatories in our country, and invited our members to become signatories. Of course, we organized trainings to better understand this broad concept. We aimed to align each of us on knowledge. While doing all this, our point of view is actually very clear. Of course, to prepare our companies for this process and to maintain their competitiveness. On the other hand, the continuity of our lives within the framework of human sustainability; Our main priority is to protect nature, water, environment and resources. We now want to bring to light the facts that we have consciously or unknowingly ignored while continuing our work until today. We are a youth organization, a business organization. If we say these things, we don't think anyone will. Moreover, the new generation of young people are also demanding these from us," he said. At the panel, speaker members shared examples of good practices they have realized for their companies and projects related to the social dimension of sustainability.

İnci Holding Secretary General – Sustainability, Ethics, Corporate Governance Officer Filiz Morova İneler emphasized that the company, which has 3 thousand employees and 60 percent of which exports, invests in people, society, institutionalization and innovation. Dikkan Group Human Resources Director T. Award Ceylan states that Dikkan, who has close to a thousand employees, follows technology closely with a sense of social responsibility, is law-sensitive, increases female managerial positions, creates employment for young people, Shining Stars, Young Talents, Mentor Menti, University He noted that he focused on social responsibility projects with Industry Cooperation studies. Nur Çakı, R&D Manager of BTM Yalıtım, stated that they aim to meet the needs of the insulation sector with technology and environmental awareness and that they can recycle 90 percent of the waste with a focus on sustainability. Emphasizing that they increased the number of female employees from 11 percent to 18 percent, Çakı emphasized that they produced new products for green concept buildings with their R&D investments. Güres Group Board Member Mustafa Güres also stated that being sustainable alone is not enough; By drawing attention to the fact that the supplier and its customers should also be sustainable, raising awareness in this regard and taking a driving role EGİADcongratulated him. Güres stated that they can generate electricity by producing fuel with biomass from the fertilizer they developed.

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