GEFCO Designs Sustainable Transportation Solution for Toyota Motor

GEFCO Designs Sustainable Transport Solution for Toyota Engine
GEFCO Designs Sustainable Transportation Solution for Toyota Motor

GEFCO has designed an innovative road and rail transport solution to reduce Toyota Motor's CO2 emissions. Thanks to this service, based on GEFCO's multimodal logistics expertise, Toyota Motor can transport automotive parts in reusable containers from Spain to northern France in two days. Compared to the road-only transportation solution it used before, Toyota can significantly reduce its carbon footprint with this innovative solution.

The new logistics solution offered by GEFCO; It builds on a strong 20-year partnership with Toyota Motor to supply parts to factories in France, the UK and other European countries.

Yvon Pasquiou, GEFCO France Sales and Marketing Director, said: “One of our priorities is to create solutions that help our supply chain partners reduce their carbon footprints. To that end, our teams worked closely with Toyota Motor to design a custom transport flow for them and help them reduce their carbon footprint. “We are happy to help Toyota adopt more sustainable logistics practices in Europe and strengthen our partnership along the way.”

GEFCO's multimodal solutions are designed to meet the growing demand for logistics flows, while reducing the environmental footprint and optimizing safe logistics times. These solutions also protect customers from the impact of rising energy prices and the difficulty of finding long-distance truck drivers.

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