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Almost everything in the home and office runs on electricity. Be it a printer, TV or computer. This list could be continued indefinitely. Problem? Sockets are on the walls and all appliances should be nearby. In a loft or office buildings, appliances and workstations can't just be on walls. Cable extensions to rooms present many tripping hazards. Solution? Floor boxes from Kontakt Simon!

What are floor boxes?

Kontakt Simon's floor boxes are underfloor installations that are enjoying increasing popularity. This means that the sockets are not on the walls, but are permanently mounted on the floor. More precisely: the power cords of the outlets run under the floor, and the outlets are buried in the floor. With a lid, they can disappear unobtrusively so they are unobtrusive when not in use.

Floor boxes from Kontakt Simon

Contact Simon has a variety of floor boxes in its product range. Models are for different needs. But they all have one thing in common: installation on raised floors is also no problem.

KSE series floor boxes

The floor boxes of this series are equipped with a high level of protection, IP66. They are particularly robust and can even be installed in car dealerships and shopping centres. Each of these floor boxes has a socket and can be equipped with a lock. Several floor sockets can also be combined using modules.

KF series floor boxes

These floor boxes are characterized by an angled mounting and are therefore particularly flat. There are different versions to create up to 4, 6 or 8 socket areas. In addition to square boxes, there are also round versions in this series.

SF series floor boxes

Bu floor boxes especially suitable for use in offices. They can contain up to 6 sockets, which can be expanded to 12 with a special adapter. In this series, there is a sponge cable guide so that the cables can come out but prevent dust from entering.

FB series floor boxes

These floor boxes are also suitable for large offices and have cable outlets on both sides to provide multiple office spaces. In case of high demand for sockets several modules can be combined with each other.

Advantages of floor boxes

Floor boxes have many advantages over traditional sockets. No cables run through the rooms, which eliminates a source of danger. The sockets are also perfectly protected against dirt and grime thanks to the cover. And the biggest advantage: floor boxes can be installed exactly where they are needed.

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