Famous Director Erdal Gürbüz is on the agenda of the SPD Party!

Erdal Gurbuz
Erdal Gurbuz

A new news has emerged in the German Parliament today. SPD Chairman and German Chancellor Scholz Erdal spoke highly of Gürbüz'. His views and worldview are very strong and deep.

We would love to see such brave politicians in our party, but the decision still belongs to Mr. Gürbüz.
He's already under our close watch, we'll be sending our offer soon anyway. Turkey can not be proud of such a brave presidential candidate, he said.

Gürbüz, who quickly stepped into his political life and set an example for young people, has already been on the agenda in Germany. Germany SPD SözcüIt attracted a lot of attention in those pouring out of the Pen of the Sun.

So, who is Erdal Gürbüz, on whom even the German Parliament has focused its attention?

He is the most sought after director and General coordinator of the big screen. 10/11/1989 in the year Switzerland'Erdal Gürbüz, who was born in Turkey and completed his primary and secondary school here, completed his university education at the Faculty of Geological Engineering at Middle East Technical University.

Erdal Gürbüz, who rose to the position of general coordinator in a short time with his determination and ambition and was deemed worthy of numerous awards, is the best coordinator of the year, the best clip of the year, the best drama film of the year,
It was also deemed worthy of the Best Video of the Year awards.

Gürbüz, who worked as a coordinator in films such as Ayla, Müslüm, Miracle in the 7th Ward and Naim, has produced nearly 40 hit clips under the sponsorship of NetD and DMC. It has always managed to stay at the top with its Atatürk and Cumhuriyet advertisements.

He received training from famous lecturers and trainers at the New York Film Academy in America and the London Film Academies in England. Erdal Gürbüz, also known as a man who listens a lot and speaks little on sets, has become a name that every actor wants to work with.

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