Exemplary Cooperation between İzmir and Gaziantep

Example Collaboration from Izmir and Gaziantep
Exemplary Cooperation between İzmir and Gaziantep

A delegation of 112 people, consisting of Izmir Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and Assembly Members, visited Gaziantep to examine cooperation opportunities on site and produce joint projects. Visiting Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin and Gaziantep Chamber of Industry Chairman Adnan Ünverdi, the delegation held a Joint Assembly Meeting with Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce.

Noting that Gaziantep and İzmir have a lot in common and making suggestions for cooperation, İzmir Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Board Mahmut Özgener said, “The thing that impressed me the most during the visit is that all the decision makers of the city are managing urban projects with a common mind and energy. The most important reason why Gaziantep, the city of Gazi, has developed rapidly in commerce, industry, tourism and agriculture, and has risen to the top in economic data, is the union of forces they have created for the city. The fact that all decision makers conveyed the city, their projects and goals in the same language during our visits showed once again how important the common mind, which I always emphasize, is the cooperation in cities.”

İzmir Chamber of Commerce (İZTO) and Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce (GTO) organized a “Joint Assembly Meeting and Cooperation Protocol Signing Ceremony” to improve cooperation between the two cities. The meeting, which started with the opening speeches of İzmir Chamber of Commerce Chairman Mahmut Özgener, Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce Chairman Mehmet Tuncay Yıldırım, İzmir Chamber of Commerce Assembly Chairman Selami Özpoyraz and Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce Assembly President Mehmet Hilmi Teymur, took place in Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce Assembly Hall. .

İZTO Vice Chairman of the Board Emre Kızılgüneşler, İZTO Council Vice Presidents İrfan Erol and Yavuz Ateşalp, İZTO Board of Directors Treasurer Ali Osman Öğmen, İZTO Board Members Abdullah Salkım, Fetullah Yetik, Mehmet Şahin Çakan, Serdar Gökhan Arıkan, GTO Board Members, IZTO Assembly Members and GTO Assembly Members attended.


Expressing that they are very happy to make their first visit to Gaziantep after the pandemic, İZTO Chairman of the Board Mahmut Özgener said, “I think our Gaziantep trip will end very efficiently and we will establish very valuable cooperation and friendships thanks to you. In addition, we are pleased to make this atmosphere of solidarity and partnership permanent with a cooperation agreement signed between our Chambers.”


Özgener provided information to the Assembly Members of Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce about the economy and commercial life of İzmir, which is Turkey's third largest city in terms of economy and demographics, with a population of nearly 4 million, 307 billion TL and a share of 6,1 percent. The similarities between our cities are among the main reasons for planning our visit to Gaziantep. İzmir and Gaziantep are among the cities that contribute the most to the Turkish economy and have foreign trade surplus. Most importantly, İzmir is the most open city of the west and Gaziantep is the most open city of the east. We have a structure that is close to each other and open to partnerships in many areas such as our multi-sectoral economic structure, our ability to export in different areas, our historical bazaars, our rich cuisine and gastronomy culture. We fully believe that we can cooperate with our Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce in various fields, especially in exports," he said.


Özgener, who listed his suggestions on the topics that can be cooperated between the two chambers, continued his words as follows: "We care about organizing a joint ideathon or hackathon in order to develop existing and potential cooperation between the two cities. The first stage of the event, which covers the training and preparation phase, is organized online, and the semi-final will be held in Gaziantep". I would like to suggest you that the final will be held physically at the IzQ Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center in Izmir. I believe that we will have started an exemplary cooperation model in Turkey by working together with strong communication in this and similar projects.


“We also believe that it would be beneficial to publish the Gaziantep and İzmir Geographical Indication Products Digital Handbook in Turkish and English. We believe that publishing geographically indicated products as e-books, which play an important role in the promotion of provinces, will be effective in terms of the protection and promotion of cultural heritage.


Pointing out that Izmir and Gaziantep were the two key cities of the national struggle 100 years ago and today the economic struggle, Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce Chairman Mehmet Tuncay Yıldırım said, “I hope the cooperation protocol we will make with our Izmir Chamber of Commerce today will be the first sign of the good works we will do together. We believe that this protocol will enable us to carry out studies that will contribute to the commercial and cultural cooperation between Gaziantep and İzmir, to solve the problems and needs, to unite the strengths of the Two Chambers, and to feed each other with their experiences," he said.


Pointing out that Gaziantep is a special city that is famous all over the world with its geographical location, production power, entrepreneurial culture, history, culture and of course its tastes, Yıldırım continued as follows: “Gaziantep is one of Turkey's fastest growing and most dynamic local economies. In 2020, we grew by 99% with a GDP of 273 billion 776 million 12,3 thousand TL. We became the second province that contributed the most to Turkey's growth after Ankara. As an export city, we offer great support to the Turkish economy, which adopts an export-oriented growth model. In 2, we became the 2021th province of Turkey that exports the most”


Yıldırım said, “I would like to share the information about the flag that connects İzmir, Gaziantep and Atatürk. This banner was gifted to his wife Latife Hanım by Atatürk after the liberation of İzmir. We bought this priceless banner, which has a great meaning for our city, and donated it to be exhibited in the Panorama Museum. So we, the citizens of İzmir and Antep, are citizens of Atatürk. " said. After the meeting, a cooperation protocol was signed between the İzmir Chamber of Commerce and the Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce. President Yıldırım presented a replica of the silk banner that belonged to Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk to President Özgener.

İZTO President Özgener and GTO President Yıldırım took a joint decision to hold regular meetings regarding the initiation of the works and the realization of the joint projects of the two Chambers, and to hold the next meeting in İzmir.


İzmir Chamber of Commerce delegation visited Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin and Gaziantep Chamber of Industry Chairman Adnan Ünverdi as part of their visit to Gaziantep. told about the ongoing projects in Izmir.


Stating that each province has a lot to learn from each other, Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül said, “Each province is doing good work. Therefore, relations between cities need to be warmer. I believe that Gaziantep and İzmir can contribute to each other, especially in foreign trade. Since Gaziantep does not have a port, it imports many things. We can get support from İzmir in this sense. Let's embrace the two cities," he said.


Welcoming the Izmir delegation, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin said, “Izmir is a very special city for me. During my ministry, we did very good work in Izmir. We are carrying out internationally supported project studies with the aim of transitioning to high technology in the industry in our city. We have taken important steps in this regard. We have a road map in our hands. We work in a collaborative working culture with our Governor, Chambers and Municipality. Gaziantep is a hardworking city that creates out of nothing in every field. We attach great importance to Green Transformation. Our chambers must lead this. We are ready for all kinds of cooperation with Izmir," he said.


Gaziantep Chamber of Industry Chairman Adnan Ünverdi, who gave information to the Izmir delegation about the ongoing projects in the city, said, “Our biggest goal is to serve our country. We have 11 organized industrial zones. We have the largest organized industrial zone in Turkey. We are one of 9 competitive cities in the world. During the pandemic period, we were called "the city that feeds the world". We cooperate with other non-governmental organizations on green transformation. We are ready to carry out joint studies with İzmir as well,” he said.

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