Words of Praise for Domestic Automobile TOGG

Domestic Automotive TOGGa Words of Praise
Words of Praise for Domestic Automobile TOGG

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank stated that there is a foreign trade volume of 3 billion dollars with Kazakhstan and that they believe that they will increase the foreign trade volume towards the 10 billion dollar target by developing many channels.

Varank met with Kazakhstan's Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aviation Industry Bagdat Mussin and his accompanying delegation at the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

In his speech here, Varank pointed out that Turkey and Kazakhstan have stable and ever-developing relations at both diplomatic and economic levels, and said that the relations between the two countries set an example for the relations in Central Asia.

Noting that they are trying to improve relations with many political mechanisms between countries, Varank said, “We have a target of 10 billion dollars in terms of foreign trade that we have set before. We still have some way to go to achieve this goal. Currently, we have a foreign trade volume of 3 billion dollars, but we believe that we will increase this by developing many channels.” he said.

Stating that the topics related to how to increase commercial relations will be discussed in the meetings at the level of heads of state to be held today, Varank expressed that they care about sharing the technopark and start-up experience in Turkey with Kazakhstan.

Emphasizing that it is important to build economies on entrepreneurship and technology-based companies, Varank noted that the cooperation agreements to be signed today will also serve this purpose.

Stating that they will carry the relations between the two countries further together, Varank said, “We will develop the works that will reveal the potential between our countries together. The potential of both countries is high. We will have caught the two much more prosperous countries in cooperation.” used the phrase.


Minister Mussin, regarding the Informatics Valley visit they made yesterday, said that the information technology sector in Turkey proved itself during the epidemic period and they were happy to cooperate in these fields.

Stating that they are also examining digital platforms such as Trendyol and Hepsiburada originating from Turkey, Mussin emphasized that Turkish goods are well known in Kazakhstan and that cooperation with digital platforms will be beneficial for the economic well-being of the two countries.

Expressing that they saw Turkey's Automobile Togg during their visit to IT Valley, Mussin said, “We liked it very much. It would be great if new collaborations started in such big and innovative projects.” said.

During the meeting, the creation of a joint e-signature between the two countries, the establishment of technoparks belonging to the Organization of Turkish States, Turkey's contributions to Kazakhstan's transition to the Digital State model and its digital transformation, cooperation opportunities to train human resources for the IT sector, smart cities, space, Potential collaborations in the fields of standardization and metrology were discussed.

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