Choose Your Scenery With Citroen Jumper, Enjoy

You Choose Your View With Citroen Jumper Enjoy Sur
Choose Your Scenery With Citroen Jumper, Enjoy

Citroën, which has become a reference in comfort, offers its customers a completely different level of comfort with a brand new concept. Consumers who purchase the Jumper model from authorized Citroën dealers can effortlessly transform the Jumper model into a caravan. Thus, the Jumper demonstrates how suitable and comfortable it is for caravan life with its high level of comfort, flawless design, large interior volume and high loading area. The caravan version of Citroën Jumper, which allows Citroen customers to move their office and home environment wherever they want, was exhibited at the Istanbul Caravan Festival and attracted great attention.

Citroën, one of the most established brands in the automotive world with its history of more than 100 years, continues to be a brand that always attracts attention with its models that arouse curiosity around the world. Having always enthroned the hearts of its customers with its comfort-oriented designs, Citroën is now raising the comfort level in its commercial product range to the next level. Citroen Jumper; Thanks to its perfect dimensions, it is preparing to attract the attention of caravan enthusiasts with its suitability for caravan transformation. With the Jumper, which can be converted into a caravan, caravan enthusiasts will be able to choose their own view and enjoy the comfort of vacationing wherever they want or working from wherever they want. Citroen Jumper; By offering a unique experience focused on comfort at all points of interest, it offers an option to meet your needs in the comfort of your home.

Travel with high comfort in all conditions

With its high level of comfort, flawless design, large interior volume and high loading capacity, the Jumper reveals how suitable and comfortable it is for caravan life. The Citroën Jumper, which can be easily converted into a caravan, shows how ambitious it is in this regard with its dimensions and features. Distinguished from its competitors with its comfort that makes a difference in its class and a loading capacity of up to 17 m³, Jumper also offers accessory options that create a mobile office environment. With 4 different lengths, 3 different wheelbases and 3 different heights, Citroën Jumper allows the most suitable size to be selected. The two-wing tailgates offer easy loading with an opening angle of 96° or 180°, and are held fixed at the opening angle by a smart attachment system. With two optional sliding side doors, loading and unloading is always easier. Citroën Jumper combines dynamic driving and improved handling with 6.2-liter BlueHDi diesel engines that meet Euro 2.2 regulations. The new generation engines, which offer a high level of efficiency with their fuel consumption and CO2 emission values, can be preferred with three different engine options with power ranges ranging from 120 HP to 165 HP.


Since 1919, Citroën has been developing cars, technologies and transportation solutions to respond to developments in society. As an assertive and innovative brand, Citroën places serenity and peace at the center of the customer experience. Offering a wide range of models, from the unique Ami, an electric transportation vehicle designed for the city, to sedans, SUVs and commercial vehicles, most of which have electric or rechargeable hybrid powertrains, Citroën also takes care of its individual and professional customers as a leading brand with its services. is showing. Citroën operates in 6200 countries with 101 authorized dealers and authorized service points worldwide.

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