Biçerova Logistics Center Provides Great Contribution to Turkey's Economy

Bicerova Logistics Center Makes a Great Contribution to Turkey's Economy
Biçerova Logistics Center Provides Great Contribution to Turkey's Economy

📩 29/05/2022 11:07

TCDD Transportation General Manager Hasan Pezük received information about the transportations at Biçerova Logistics Center on the 3rd day of the Izmir Regional Directorate examinations. He visited the loading and unloading areas and maintenance and repair workshops in Biçerova Logistics Center, which has the highest loading and unloading potential in the Aegean Region.

Stating that Biçerova Logistics Center fulfills a very important mission for the export and economy of our country, he continued as follows: “The function of transportation is indisputable in industry, production, exports, and therefore in all elements that make up the economy. Economic, quality, safe and sustainable logistics, especially provided by railway logistics, have a vital importance. We are all a part of the logistics process and our success will appear as the success of our country and will make all railwaymen proud. We must keep the vision of our railways great, today we carry out railway transportation to many points in Europe and Asia, we break records both in our domestic and international transportation, I would like to underline the importance of infrastructure here once more, the harmony of TCDD and TCDD Tasimacilik will help us both improve our transportation. It will carry it to the top in terms of quantity and efficiency, I would like to thank all my railroad colleagues without discrimination.”

Afterwards, he made inspections in Manisa, Muradiye and Balıkesir Organized Industrial Zones and received information from the authorities about their cargo transportation and carrying capacity; exchanged views. He bid farewell to the 11st train, which will depart from the Manisa Organized Industrial Zone.

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