ASDEP Interview Results Inquiry Screen

ASDEP interview results
ASDEP interview results

When will the ASDEP interview results be announced in 2022? The answer to the question is among the questions questioned. In the last minute statement made on the official social media account of the Ministry of Family and Social Services, it was announced that the results of the ASDEP oral interview were announced. Have ASDEP interview results been announced? Recruitment of 4.175 personnel….ASDEP interview results have been announced! We answered your questions such as in this article.

In the previous announcement by the Ministry of Family and Social Services, it was stated that 4175 personnel would be recruited. Minister Derya Yanık announced on his social media account that the results of the interviews were announced.

Minister Yanık: “The results of the oral exam we conducted for the recruitment of contracted personnel of our Ministry have been published on our website. I wish success to all my new colleagues who succeeded in the exam. Together we will serve 85 million. Welcome, you brought ranks.” said.

In the announcement made by the Ministry: “For 06.01.2022 positions announced on 4175, the evaluations of the Contracted Personnel Recruitment oral exam held between 02.03.2022 and 12.04.2022 have been completed. Contracted personnel recruitment oral exam results will be visible on the career door, and the results will be sent to the candidates via e-mail. An announcement will be made for the preferences. it was said.

In the published announcement, it was stated that personnel will be recruited for the following positions:

  • Family Social Support Personnel (4/B) (ASDEP),
  • Social Worker (4/B),
  • Psychologist (4/B) ,
  • Physiotherapist (4/B) ,
  • Child Development (4/B) ,
  • Dietitian (4/B),
  • Teacher (4/B),
  • Lawyer (4/B),
  • Nurse (4/B),
  • Other Health Personnel,
  • Office Staff,
  • Dormitory Management Staff (4/B).

For the ASDEP Interview Results screen here Click here!

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