Art at the Historical Göztepe Train Station

Art at the Historical Goztepe Train Station
Art at the Historical Göztepe Train Station

Göztepe Train Station has served countless passengers for nearly a century. He witnessed separations and reunions. The station, which was out of service in 2013 after Marmaray was opened, is now an art center. Istanbulites are very pleased that the building is put into service with a different concept.

Göztepe Train Station, which was once one of the stations of the Haydarpaşa-İzmit Line, was moved a little further by canceling its platforms in 2013 after being in operation for nearly a century. The station, which has hosted countless passengers for almost a century, has been transformed into a culture and arts center and reopened its doors.

What is in the historical Göztepe Station building today?

The station is now a culture and art center, as a result of the work that started with the cooperation of the Ministry of National Education, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the State Railways (TCDD), the General Directorate of Lifelong Learning and the Sabancı Maturation Institute. Göztepe TCDD Culture and Art Center Coordinator Veysel Karani Tur explains that the building, which has been transformed into an art building and has a large hall and 4 rooms, offers many options to its visitors. “There are two workshops here with our professors from Sabancı Maturation Institute. The first of these workshops is a ceramic, tile and jewelery workshop. Our other workshop is clothing, handicrafts and embroidery workshop. In these workshops, people can watch how this art is performed or learn how it is done by participating in workshops. While two of the four rooms in the space are reserved for handicrafts, one room is used as a library. In the space, one of which has been converted into a museum, visitors have the opportunity to closely examine objects from the history of TCDD. These objects belonging to the history of the railway were collected from different places and later restored and placed here. Objects here are not permanent. New objects will come, they will be diversified, and symbols and objects that are remembered by the public or intended for the railway workers of that period in different areas will continue to exist here.”

The history of Göztepe Train Station and the relationship of the public with the building

The station is a very important place for the people of Göztepe. Because there are many memories about the place that has hosted people for a century. It was converted into a station in 1872 when the building at the back, which was built in 1915, which was used here as the Erenköy Train Station before, is no longer used as a station. Trains were passing under this interesting bridge-shaped building, and before traveling, people were waiting for their trains on the platforms by going down the stairs from here. And it went on like this for about a hundred years. Later, with the opening of Marmaray, the station was moved a little further back in 2013 and this place was converted into a hall by canceling the platforms. The people of Göztepe are very pleased that the building has been put into service with a different concept. People came from here, got on trains, used the halls. They have a lot of memories here. And now people want to come to the building and see it again to revive those memories. The people of Göztepe, who used this place as a station for years, are very happy that it has now turned into an art center. They come and visit the box office where they buy tickets or ask where the stairs they use are. That's why the people of Göztepe welcomed the fact that this place was put into operation as an art center.

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