Ankara West Park Recreation Area to be Completed in 2023

Ankara West Park Recreation Area To Be Completed Within The Year
Ankara West Park Recreation Area to be Completed in 2023

The green area attack initiated by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues throughout the city. Announcing for the first time through his social media accounts that a giant recreation area will be established on an idle area of ​​431 thousand 600 square meters in Batıkent Kentkoop District, Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş said, “He sees Ankara as an exemplary model in the fight against global warming and continues to be the voice and breath of green. we do,” he said. The West Park Recreation Area, whose tender has been completed, is planned to be completed in 2023.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is expanding its efforts throughout the city to make Ankara the capital of green.

ABB is now preparing to introduce a giant climate-positive themed park to the people of the Capital, on an idle 431 thousand 600 square meters area in Batıkent Kentkoop District. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş was the first to announce the establishment of the 'West Park Recreation Area', the tender process of which was completed by the Environmental Protection and Control Department and 80 percent of which will consist of green areas.

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Continuing to increase the number of green areas in the capital, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality aims to reduce its ecological footprint in 3 years with the climate positive park project it will do in Batıkent.

Informing the residents of the capital about the new recreation area, ABB President Mansur Yavaş made the following statements in his post:

“We see Ankara as an exemplary model in the fight against global warming, and we continue to be the voice and breath of green. We will complete the West Park Recreation Area with a climate positive theme, which we will establish on an idle area of ​​431 thousand 600 square meters, in 2023.”

Aiming to create an exemplary model for future generations with the park in which natural materials will be used in its design, ABB aims to create a green area of ​​approximately 180 thousand square meters; Apart from 300 thousand bushes, 40 thousand square meters of grass and 80 square meters of meadow area, 5 thousand 100 trees will be planted in harmony with the ecological conditions of the Capital.


The active life needs of the citizens of the Capital will be met with the 17-kilometer walking path, 6-kilometer bicycle track and sports facilities to be built in the Batı Park Recreation Area.

With its environmentally friendly design, in the park, where residents of the Capital can have a pleasant time and get plenty of oxygen;

“424 bicycle parks, 2 mini football fields, 1 professional carpet pitch, 2 tennis, 2 basketball, 1 volleyball courts, 3 thousand 800 square meters of children's playground, 177 car parking lot, 5 thousand square meters biological pond, 581 square meters Youth Center, a multi-purpose hall of 598 square meters, an exhibition hall of 542 square meters, a tea garden-cafeteria of 320 square meters, a restaurant of 673 square meters, an indoor sports facility building of 213 square meters, kiosks of 17 square meters, sales units of 298 square meters, a prayer room of 450 square meters, WC-management. building and the 189 square meter Women's Club.

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