Ancestor Seeds Will Be Cultivated With Artificial Intelligence at Bahçeşehir College

Ancestral Seeds Will Be Grown With Artificial Intelligence at Bahcesehir College
Ancestor Seeds Will Be Cultivated With Artificial Intelligence at Bahçeşehir College

Bahçeşehir College, one of the leading educational institutions in Turkey, draws attention to the importance of sustainable agriculture in the solution of food problems with the Ancestor Seed Project. Bahçeşehir College, which has established smart greenhouses managed with Artificial Intelligence and IoT on its campuses within the scope of the project, distributes seedlings from ancestral seeds free of charge by students in smart greenhouses.

According to the data announced by NASA, precipitation in Turkey, which is experiencing severe drought, is 1981% lower than the 2010-48 average. Considering the fact that the world population will reach 2050 billion by 10 and global food production will double, we may be facing a possible food crisis. Based on these data, Bahçeşehir College started the “Ancestral Seed” project to contribute to Turkey and the world in this period when agricultural technologies will gain more importance. Within the scope of the “Bahçeşehir College Ancestral Seed Project” initiated in 9 provinces as a pilot, the seedlings grown by the students in the smart greenhouses in the campuses of Bahçeşehir College in İstanbul, İzmir, Ordu, Sinop, Osmaniye, Hatay, Manisa, Rize and Kırklareli, to draw attention to the importance of the ancestor seed and raise awareness. distributed to the public.

Smart greenhouses were established for ancestral seeds

Bahçeşehir College, which took action to raise awareness for healthy and sustainable agriculture, established smart greenhouses on its campuses as part of the project. All the needs of the plants grown by the students in the smart greenhouses managed by artificial intelligence and IoT (Internet of Things) are determined automatically by means of sensors. In addition, diseases and pests can be detected using image and data processing from artificial intelligence applications. The whole process in smart greenhouses proceeds entirely with the infrastructure established by the students and the codes they have written.

“The future of our planet will rise in the hands of generations working with science and technology”

Noting that they brought together sustainable agricultural practices and technology with the ancestor seed project, Bahçeşehir College General Manager Özlem Dağ said the following about the project: “To draw attention to possible food production problems in the near future, to take precautions, and to integrate current technologies and artificial intelligence in the field of sustainable agriculture to improve physical conditions. We are carrying out this project in our appropriate schools. Every stage of the process is carried out by our students. In this way, our students both recognize local seeds and use the internet of things and artificial intelligence technology to carry these values ​​to the future and to work on sustainability in agriculture. The future of our planet will rise in the hands of generations working with science and technology for the good of all. As Bahçeşehir College, we support them in this sense with both academic and technological opportunities.”

Elective course for sustainable agriculture is coming

As part of the ancestral seed project, smart greenhouses will be established in the gardens of all Bahçeşehir College campuses with suitable physical facilities. It is aimed to reproduce the lost ancestral seeds in the established greenhouses and distribute them free of charge to anyone who wishes, to create a great communication network with the website to be established, and to share the reproduced seeds and artificial intelligence supported agriculture experiences with the whole country. Bahçeşehir College students and academic units are also working on the elective course curriculum to be presented to the Ministry of Education Board of Education, together with the experiences of this project.

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