HEP-SELF Exhibition on Digital Platform

HEP SELF Exhibition is on Digital Platform
HEP-SELF Exhibition on Digital Platform

Self researcher Jale İris Gökçe/AngelRainbow brought a selection of her works on “HEP-SELF”, which she carried out between 2010-2022, into the digital space and brought them to the audience.

The artist describes his work that he carried to the digital field with these words:


Did someone say capitalism? The other slave-master dialectic, ALL corrected. A reclusive monk walks among us and says, like a shaman, from a field of fierce struggle; “What kind of equality can we talk about in a hierarchical relationship or a relationship of domination?” ALL on the ground. This is earthly. Continuing without missing the rhythm, pulse, sameness and otherness of life, sometimes deviating from its path. Contrary sometimes. Isn't it possible to think of all together life, which is poetry anyway? With a new insight. Wasn't it always like that? That is poetry. HEPolan… Can't the “poetry of life” be caught? What about those that happen suddenly? In the break, the ending, the oblivion? In life, which is a fleeting moment. Do we have the endurance and preparation? Our wisdom! Our courage! All poetry whispers this to us. In the purest, most ancient, purest form. By reminding ALL that it is the “art of the arts”. Without being trapped between-disciplines. Free. Only. Alone. It's all poetry. Maybe we need to rewrite the poem now. By pointing out that the other is actually poetry. But how can this be made possible? to purify? In which river? Maybe by returning to our essence, “the place where we hide ourselves”. Likewise, with a one-word, one-syllable and one-letter endless poem… With broken letters flowing on a black and white background… With what is here and what is not… ALL. Can this "becoming" be named? With his tune. When the voice withholds itself from us. Space. Music. Poem. Colour. But it's ALL black and white. Like a movie. With our pulse, our uneasiness, our words, our syllables and what we hide in our letters… Our alterity. Last click. ALL with what is, what will be… In our life on the production line… ALL with a one-syllable poem. ALWAYS. With respect to Nazım Hikmet, never forgetting the poem “I Want To Be Machined”. ALWAYS.

The text of AngelRainbow's work was written by Jale İris Gökçe. (2010-2021) Self researcher Jale İris Gökçe/AngelRainbow's virtual exhibition titled “HEP-SELF” from links You can watch.



She describes herself as AngelRainbow, that is, "self researcher". He studied History at Istanbul University Faculty of Letters and Painting at Marmara University Atatürk Education Faculty. He completed his master's degree at Marmara University Social Sciences Institute. He completed his doctorate in art at Gazi University Fine Arts Institute with his thesis study titled “Painting as Self-Story: Anatomy of the Rainbow Angel”. He took part in many group exhibitions at home and abroad with his works. “Iris: The Present of Exhibitions Is Far” (Ankara 2013), “AngelRainbow” (Thessaloniki 2017), “Chaos” (Istanbul 2019) and “Pandemi! Is the problem Self too?” (Istanbul 2020), “AngelRainbow&Self” (Istanbul 2021), “Fragmented Self” (Istanbul 2022), “HEP Self” (Istanbul 2022) are her solo exhibitions in recent years. He embodied his views on art and the work of art in the article "The Artwork as the Object of Self". According to him, art; It does not merely reflect reality, it transcends projection and transforms reality. It can be said that it is in an effort to implement a broad perspective understanding that cannot be reduced to a single movement and definition, by keeping the responsibility of the artist in the foreground. In this relationship he has established with reality, an effort towards the society, the world and the universe based on himself… He continues his artistic works in his studio in Istanbul and Ankara.

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